10 Best Android Apps of 2013

Android is one of the best smartphone and tablet operating systems in the world. Many of the top smartphone/tablet manufacturers in the world are operating on this OS by Google and there are millions of apps that can be downloaded through Android’s Play Store for a price or for free. The following are some of the top apps that were liked by the consumers and became really popular in 2013.

Best Android Apps of 2013

  • Feedly:
    Feedly-Best Android Apps 2013This App became really popular in 2013 as it is a news aggregator app. This app gathers news from various sources and the user can access different types of news stories at one place through Feedly.
  • Evernote:Evernote   Best Android Apps on Google Play Another popular app that has seen many downloads in 2013 is Evernote. This is basically a note taking and archiving app. It helps take notes, photos and also helps systematically tag and archive information, keep reminders and even record audio. It stores information and makes it easily accessible.
  • DoubleTwist:doubleTwist Player   Podcasts   Best Android Apps on Google Play This is a great app for music lovers and it became very popular in 2013. This is a media player application which plays videos and audio files. It enables the users to stream radio and also sync media libraries with friends and listen to podcasts.
  • Pocket Casts:Pocket Casts  Best Android Apps on Google Play Another popular Android app in 2013 for music lovers was Pocket Casts. This is a great app that allows users to download and listen to podcasts.
  • Reddit: reddit is fun   Best Android Apps on Google PlayThis is a great app that helps users submit social news and entertainment content on the app through links and posts. Reddit is very popular and commonly used for browsing and there is content available for wide ranging topics.
  • Nova Launcher:Nova Launcher   Best Android Apps on Google Play Many people like to customize their home pages according to their preferences so that they get a better browsing experience on their smartphone. Nova Launcher is a great app for such people as it helps customize the home page and enables great home page design for the smartphone or tablet. This popular app is fully customizable and performance oriented.
  • Duolingo:Duolingo  Learn Languages Free   Best Android Apps on Google Play This is probably one of the best apps of 2013. This app is a fun way to learn various different languages like French, Spanish, Italian and others through the smartphone or tablet. There are fun lessons and after completion of every language level the users unlock more levels and improve their language skills. This app has made learning languages fun and interesting for many people all over the world.
  • Pixlr Express:Pixlr Express   photo editing   Best Android Apps on Google Play Smartphones and tablets are many times used to click, store and share photos. Pixlr is a great photo editor app with many tools and features that help edit photos on the smartphone/tablet devices. This is a great Android app and became very popular in 2013.
  • Aereo:Aereo  Beta   Best Android Apps on Google Play This is a fantastic Android app for people who are busy and on the go but really enjoy their television programs. This app lets the users access their cloud DVR on their smartphones and tablets. So you take a break wherever they are and watch favorite shows through Aereo on smartphones/tablets.
  • Sleepbot:SleepBot   Sleep Cycle Alarm   Best Android Apps on Google Play Many people in 2013 downloaded this app on Android. Sleepbot is a sleep tracker app that tracks your sleeping habits and also wakes you up with an alarm. It also provides suggestions to improve your sleeping habits.

Android has many cool, productive, entertaining and useful apps that can be downloaded by users of Android smartphones and tablets. Some are free while others come at a price and in 2013 many Android apps saw a huge numbers in terms of downloads and were very successful.

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