July 3, 2022
Social Media Marketing

12 Reasons Social Media Marketing is Important for Your Business

Almost everyone we know uses the social media. Some people who specialize in this area state that at least half of the world’s population has the Internet connection. In fact, Internet Live Stats confirms that this number is around 3.4 billion people.

Meanwhile, at least 80% of all Internet users are registered at least on one of the social media giants like Facebook or Twitter. That’s quite a target audience!

For this reason, more professionals are aiming to reach users of social networks and try to convert them from potential clients into regular ones.

Studies have shown that social media marketing can increase your sales up to twice of their average amount. Moreover, they bring you more customers and make your brand well-known among people of different backgrounds.

If you do not have a social media marketing strategy yet, than it is time to craft it and start writing quality content for a target audience of your choice. And here is a list of reasons why you need this strategy as soon as possible for the sake of your business success.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Twelve reasons why your business needs social media marketing strategy today

1. It is cost effective.

Despite new monetization policies, advertisement via social media is still much cheaper than advertisement with the aid of, for instance, Google AdWords. In fact, the price difference beats the $50 mark.
Therefore, you can save a lot of money and still spread the word about your product.

2. Everyone you need is there.

From the numbers we mentioned above you can see that all the people you target with your marketing strategy are online on one social media or another. So, thanks to customizable ads opportunities, you will be able to appear in the newsfeed of all the potential clients you want. On top of that, it is quite affordable. So, you won’t be overcharged for such services.

3. Creating profiles there is free.

It is as good as it sounds, you can create a profile for your company online for free just like any other user of the social media.
So, you can be present online and pay nothing for it whatsoever.

4. You will reach mobile users.

As the world is slowly shifting to mobile-friendly systems, more and more people opt to use mobile devices to check their social profiles, read the latest news, or shop online.
That’s why, being registered on the social network is essential if you want to increase your sales and reach out to those with smartphones and other mobile devices.

5. You will reach those you did not know before.

Thanks to the services like those of the Hootsuite, companies can now target potential clients who searched for goods they are producing. The principle is based on keywords. It is safe and highly efficient, especially when it comes to targeting customers that are interested in what you have to offer.

6. You will keep up with your rivals.

According to Social Times, around 90% of companies use multiple social platforms to make their sales bigger.
If you are not among those ninety percent yet, we highly recommend you getting an account in order to keep up with the latest trends. Otherwise, your rivals will have access to clients you cannot reach.

7. It makes all businesses equal.

Social network is a platform where all the businesses start at the same level. Thus, everyone has an equal chance to succeed and attract more clients through such channels.
All you need to do is to deliver valuable information in a fun and entertaining way as well as establish your brand as the most trustworthy among numerous choices available. So, if you want to increase your revenue, start the registration process right now!

8. Social media make your brand personal.

Unlike other brands with fancy covers and stunning design, you keep in contact and talk to your clients personally while still having all the fanciness too. You can solve issues your clients experience right away or engage in discussions.
There are many ways how one can create a stronger image with the aid of social media. However, regardless of a method, it is absolutely worth it.

9. It strengthens clients’ loyalty.

Since you are available and easy to reach, clients will like you better than other brands. It is all a matter of customer support and interaction with real people online.
You come on stage and demonstrate your clients what your company and product are all about, what your values and goals are, etc. They can bond with you and it results in increased customers' loyalty.

10. People get to hear you.

When you say something on social media, people tend to hear you. Such platforms are not perceived as marketing tools but rather as platforms for socializing. So, the advertising on these platforms is easier and more different than elsewhere. People consider you as one of them, not as a producer of an individual product.

11. It drives traffic to your website.

Thanks to links and ads which can be adjusted to your needs and expectations, you get way more traffic than before. Besides, thanks to correctly crafted strategies, people spend more time on the website. So, when using social media, you draw significantly more traffic to the website.

12. You can reach more clients in a shorter time.

As you probably noticed, people skip commercials on TV and seem to be fed up with the annoying ads in their favorite magazines. However, when created correctly, ads on the social media can bring in a lot of money and promote your brand like no other tool.

So, why spend your time and money on something less efficient?

Social marketing is the future no matter what you think about it. People tend to spend hours scrolling through their news feeds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other giants. So, don’t underestimate their power and register your brand there today. How does it sound?

Richard Nolan is a blogger and a private tutor, sharing his experience in spheres of blogging, self-growth, and psychology. Richard writes for numerous blogs and gives useful tips for bloggers, students, and teachers. Currently, Richard works as a general blog editor for ProWritersCenter.