April 12, 2021
best-smartphones for realstate agent

5 Best Smartphones for Real Estate Agents

Out of all the people of the developed countries in the world, around 70% use smartphones in the present age. Thus, it can clearly be stated that smartphone and technology has dominated most of the world and will soon take over all of it. For real estate consultants in Mumbai or property consultants in Mumbai it is very important to possess smartphones. Though most real estate agents mainly focus on effectives strategies and skills to pull in clients, having reputed well sought out services and powerful connections, one cannot deny the fact that the gadget to keep one connected with all these aspects simultaneously is a smartphone. Without connectivity and ability to work on the go, one cannot be successful in being real estate consultants in Mumbai or property consultants in Mumbai.                                               

best-smartphones for realstate agent

Best smartphones that can be used by real estate agent:

  1. iPhone5  - The iPhone 5 is one of the fastest phones, having a A6 processor. Moreover, it has a bigger screen and a better camera than its predecessors. Sometimes agents have to read and format documents on the go. The iPhone provides its users with apps that help to check and format documents. Moreover, because of the big screen, one does not need to stress their eyes to work in it.
  2. HTC One - The HTC One is one of the most attractive looking phones that a real estate agent can use easily and effectively. It has a moderate 4.7 in screen and a quad-core processor, which gives a faster processing speed. Having a storage place of 64 GB or 32 GB, and a powerful 2 GB RAM, the phone is one of the best Android sets available in the market. Only drawback is that it does not have the facility to insert external storage devices.
  3. Samsung Galaxy S 4 - Another top Android-based phone, the 5 inch, 2 GB RAM and expandable storage up to 64 GB, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is one of the best tools meant for real estate agents. It even has a larger battery which provides it with longer battery back-up.
  4. LG Optimus G Pro - The LG Optimus G Pro is not exactly a smartphone, neither is it a tablet. It is something in between which is termed as a ‘phablet’. Having a large enough screen of 5.5 inches, the phone cum tablet provides its users with a number of apps and features dedicated to official works.
  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - Another phablet from the Samsung family, it has a large 5.5 inch screen, which is equipped with a Super AMOLED display system. The inclusion of a ‘S’ pen with this model helps its users to take down quick notes or send to workers or clients.


As it can be seen that for real estate consultants in Mumbai or property consultants in Mumbai, smartphones are one of the most useful and essential gadgets. Thus, it is very important for them to carry the best of the lot for their purpose. These are among the best, and are perfectly suited for real estate agents.

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