October 15, 2021
hotspot-shield Free VPN Service

5 Best Free VPN Service Providers

With the arrival of VPN, people are able to send and receive data without the threat of any virus attack and other issues.  Individuals do not understand about virtual private network however in modern times they have become quite useful for the companies that have offices located all over the world across various time zones. A VPN is a network that has been extended on the internet allowing users to get connection to the private network with valid authentication.  In a real time business environment, the executives could use the Free VPN Service for communicating with the manager and share different types of sales reports. Users can easily redirect the traffic to the private network so that the data is encrypted and secured from outside interference. If the VPN is set up in a proper manner, it will access the vital information which is out of bounds for a specific region. You can access VPN Service Free by logging on to the internet and searching for a reputed vendor. Gamers can have a wonderful time because they can participate in a multi user scenario irrespective of the location. To judge VPN, it is necessary to conduct the speed test because the parameter helps in lowering latency time while browsing various websites.

Hotspostshield VPN 

hotspot-shield Free VPN Service

It plays a very important role in providing seamless and secured internet services to the customers without the threat of malware. Free version incorporates many ads that might become annoying to the users and cause slower browser speed. By installing VPN, privacy of computer increases by many notches and also it is protected from malware.

Hotspostshield is in the same league by providing services on Window, MAC, IOS and Android. Private connectivity is rising in popularity since it can increase the speed of data on a public network and prevent the intruders from stealing vital information at a fraction of the cost.

Private Tunnel VPN

Private Tunnel Free VPN Service

One of the most important ingredients of connectivity is the private tunnel allowing people to connect to different servers in Europe and Canada.  Initially, one has to pay for the 100 MB transfer of data and subsequent purchases are made when the quota is exhausted.  Unlike other vendors, Private tunnel doesn’t charge monthly fees from the users and people pay for what the use.

OkayFreedom VPN

OkayFreedom VPN VPN Service Free

OkayFreedom VPN provides unprecedented freedom to the customers and also ensures privacy in the process. In addition, it plays a pivotal role in securing the connection along with access to the content of the restricted sites. Free version only supports the transfer of about 500MB data per month , nevertheless people can increase it to 1 GB by availing other services in the market.

Cyber Ghost:

cyberghost Free VPN Service

CyberGhost is known to be a trail blazer because of a very high bandwidth reaching up to 1950GB of traffic and boasts of 1 Mbps data speed.  Network is highly efficient due to the presence of servers in more than 20 countries. Users witness least downtime and high speed transfer of data.  Although the client is available only in windows environment, it can work on other platforms as well.

Just Free VPN:

justfreevpn Free VPN Service

 It is based on the principle of PPTP and offers free VPN services to the users. All the servers are situated in US and UK however connection is available depending on free machines. The total download speed is about 0.72 Mbps with a latency time of 113 milliseconds.

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