July 3, 2022

5 Most Powerful apps to find your inner genius

If you’ve been feeling sad , because whatever you try to do fails.

Like you can’t crack success, in spite of however laborious you’ve tried.

Like you’ve been just coasting through life, stagnating, with no sense of purpose.

It’s not your fault. The truth is, the streak you can’t stick with has nothing to do with your natural abilities.

Thinking sort of a Genius, Performing like a Hero, and Living like a Legend IS NOT determined by your genetic makeup.

It isn’t about how you were born. It’s about ONE strategy and strategic management of your work.

Many of the world’s most thriving folks — leaders of impact, renowned celebrities, billionaires with influence — follow this success strategy while not even realizing it.

That’s why it is highly encouraged for you to use these apps and discover a revolutionary approach to bring out the gifts you know you have.

 Lack of support can stunt prospects for potential geniuses; they never get the chance to be productive.

 For example, throughout history women have been denied formal education, deterred from advancing professionally, and under-recognized for their achievements. 

The following mobile applications do not let any genius’ potential die and bring out the best version of yourself.

1. MagTapp

2. Lumiosity

3. Cognifit Brain Fitness

4. Elevate

5. Clockwork Brain



“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” (Aristotle)

What makes a genius? 

The truest measure of a genius is whether a person’s work resonates through the ages.
Some minds are so exceptional they change the world.
MagTapp Technologies  has conceptualized a revolutionary app to bring out the Genius inside everyone. It is an effort to empower lives by breaking all language barriers and pre conceptualized notions about the English language. The speaking inability of which creates a complex among most of us. 

  • One Tap : MagTapp elevates your overall browsing app experience by providing meanings of words in any online/offline document in just one single tap ! 

  • This is enabled by their one-tap pictorial interface .It shows a relevant picture corresponding with the meaning and usage of the word in a sentence. Isn’t that Genius enough? Turns out that it’s not all.

  • Game : MagTapp provides users an opportunity to check their intellectual ability via a Game incorporated as one of the features of the app. The Game  will be unlocked after 20 taps on the reading content accessed through MagTapp.

  • To further increase the competitive spirit among users, they can see the top scoring leaders of the game.

  • Notes : It does not end here. Geniuses can view and edit  part of any online/offline document or type and also share a  note in text, image or audio form and save it for further use. 

  • Rather than typing, a user can also record a voice note and save it for future use. Giving way to a Genius’ hungry mind to embark on the intellectually stimulating browsing experience.

Be smart & Download the App from the Google Playstore now. Exclusively for Android Users!                         


  “The only journey is the one within.” (Rainer Maria Rilke)

Train your brain to become smarter, and have a blast doing it! 

Side effects of this app are improved memory, extended span, higher work performance through fun games and puzzles.

Easily one of the leaders in the brain-training games market, Lumosity went online in 2007 and has developed a thriving community of over 70 million users. 

  • The Lumosity program relies on a variety of scientific discipline studies that indicate that doing a range of brain exercises will increase memory and ability. 

  • When you start the program, it will evaluate you in a number of areas, and then create a training plan for you to do for 15 minutes a day.

  • The base program is free, however, if you crave selection, you can purchase a subscription that gives you access to a wider variety of activities.

  • Co-founded by archangel Scanlon once he abandoned his neurobiology Doctor of Philosophy at Stanford, California. The business also has an extensive research program that studies the effects of computerized cognitive training as well as conducting experiments over the web.

Lumosity relies on the science of neuroplasticity, the thought that the brain will amendment and reorganize itself given the correct forms of challenges.    


“When nothing is certain, everything is possible!”

A sound mind & a sound body is that the mantra several people live by. CogniFit aims to try to to for your substantia grisea what CrossFit will for your muscles. 

  • The app contains ten challenges that live psychological feature ability, memory, and abstraction perception. 

  • The company contains a longer backstory than most within the house. Having been supported in 1999 to research the power of the software systems to enhance the mind. 

  • In addition to the bottom program, that uses various exercises. It challenges to enhance brain operation. It's developed apps for emotional awareness and a tailor-made program for sufferers of multiple sclerosis.

  • CogniFit has additionally sponsored many studies that showed positive leads to brains of every kind from their exercises.

  • CogniFit's personalized brain training program is designed to stimulate, train, and rehabilitate the main cognitive skills (perception, attention, memory, reasoning, etc.) and their components.
  • This systematic cognitive intervention program is designed for both healthy populations as well as people with some kind of cognitive condition. 

  • CogniFit's brain training program is designed for children, teens, adults, and seniors who want to train their essential cognitive skills with a professional tool, as well as compare their scores to the worldwide population.

  • All of the tasks and activities in the exercise battery progressively require more and more cognitive resources. They adapt to the user's characteristics (age, deficits, and/or cognitive deterioration, etc.)

It also adapts the difficulty of the training to each user, which is why it is a personalized training program.

This multi-dimensional scientific resource includes more than 30 brain games and 18 assessment that train more than 20 cognitive skills. 

These games and assessment tasks have been perfected to continuously measure user performance, regulate their difficulty and to adapt each type of task or game to each user.

4. ELEVATE      

“You have more than one shot to create the life you want!”

While several of the brain-training games during this piece specialize in visual identification and pattern recognition. Elevate (Android, iOS) is all concerning the ability of the word. 
Chosen by Apple as its 2014 App of the Year, Elevate works on an equivalent freemium model as Lumosity, with paid accounts having access to additional activities. What’s fascinating concerning the Elevate style system is that everything you are doing revolves around reading, writing, and listening.
Language is that the core of communication nowadays, and having the ability to sharpen those skills is significant. 

The app tracking your progress could be a very little opaque, however, you will see real advantages quickly. A customized brain coaching app designed to enhance focus, speaking skills, process, speed, and more. 

  • Elevate incorporates a large variety of games underpinned by real-world applications, in 5 streams that refer to high school days learning: 
  • Listening, Writing, Reading, Speaking, and Math. every one of those spans intriguingly named skills like Brevity or fluency.
  • In one exercise, you’re asked to sort within the best synonyms, instead of selecting from an inventory, which might be useful for those battling that word on the tip of the tongue.
  • Highly sensible exercises embrace total estimation, tests of common writing system and synchronic linguistics errors, uniquely, audio passages whose details you’re quizzed on.
  • Exercises become tougher the additional you play. With the choice to unlock “Study Materials” for skills like speechmaking once finishing 5 daily coaching sessions. Professional users get unlimited access to games, unlimited plays and additional analysis on their performance. 


    “Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection.”

Here's another suite of mini-games online that claim to polish your cognitive abilities. 

  • Clockwork Brain offers an associated aesthetic that is miles far away from the clean, clinical look of alternative brain-training computer code, instead opting for a quirky retro steampunk look.

  •  Each session consists of 4 exercises chosen every which way, with players operating to answer as several queries properly as doable at intervals a group deadline. The better you are doing, the upper problem will increase.
  •  Players conjointly earn in-game currency to unlock extra exercises and alternative choices, however, they can even pay real cash for those unlocks if they haven’t trained their brain to wait. 
  • Puzzles, puzzles, and more puzzles! Studies have shown that “mental aerobics,” such as solving puzzles, are an important part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Learning was the most fun, and you'll truly get addicted to your brain power with this free app. 
  • With a particular, hand-painted look and feel, influenced by Victorian Steampunk and Mayan art, this is unlike any other brain training title out there. 
  • Whether you're a puzzle game fan, a health enthusiast, or just looking for a fun and productive way to pass the time and exercise your brain, look no further!
  • Sprocket, the friendly robot, will be your guide!
  • Your life will improve the moment you realize your lifestyle isn’t something to be endured or tolerated. 
  • It’s an experience of your own creation. Getting unstuck is concerning creating easy selections and taking actions, forever moving far away from what you don’t need and towards what you wish.
  • If you don’t grasp what you wish, then just move away from what you don’t want until you figure it out. 
  • Even when you’re in seemingly hopeless situations, such mobile applications can still dig you out and make something better of it. These apps can radically improve your success and make you a stronger person.

I personally tested all these apps on my latest Google pixel 4 where these all are working fine. I really love to enjoy these apps on daily uses. So if you are interested to upgrade your phone then Google pixel 4 Black friday sale is best time for you to grab huge discount and much more offers.

Life and living it's all concerning the journey. When you follow your own true north you produce new opportunities, have different experiences and create the life you want.