January 20, 2022
Washable Keyboard

5 Tech Gadgets to Make Your Life Easier in 2013

2013 has been a year of invention, and we as consumers are reaping the benefits of recent innovations. From simple modifications to time-honored accessories to entirely new ways of accessing digital content, the gadgets that have come out in 2013 can make your life easier in a variety of ways.

The Washable Keyboard

If you've ever spilled a drink or a food item on your computer keyboard, you know how frustrating (and nearly impossible) it is to get it fully cleaned without doing damage to the circuitry and keys. If you're lucky, all you'll have to deal with is a few sticky keys. If you're not... You need a new keyboard.

Washable Keyboard

In reaction to this state of keyboard affairs, the folks at Logitech have created a washable keyboard. That's right - spilling crumbs, liquids, or a bowl of mac'n'cheese is no longer the precursor of keyboard doom. They keyboard isn't just water resistant. It can survive being completely submerged in water to clean out the grittiest grit and the stickiest liquids.

The 3D Camera

Have you ever tried to take a photo of a flower, only to have everything in the picture in focus except what you were trying to shoot? The focus of the camera depends on the size of the aperture opening and limits how much or how little focus your pictures feature.

3D Camera

The Lytro Camera is the next generation of digital photography. Rather than narrowing the size of the light beams entering the lens - thus creating a focus - this camera captures the entire light field. What does that mean for your photos? Not only is everything in focus; but you can also change the image in post-production in order to change the focused area from one part of the picture to the other - as if the image was shot in real 3D.

The Smart Pen

Smart Pen

Students and adults alike learn best when they utilize more than one sense. The next time you're in a meeting, don't just take notes on what's happening around you. Record audio at the same time with the Livescribe Echo Smartpen. You can save and store interactive notes on your pen, sync it to you computer, use it to access an array of smartpen apps. Whether you're trying to keep track of the debate in the monthly office meeting, or trying to make sense of your calculus professor, a smartpen is a good choice for augmenting your listening and learning experience.

The Private Cloud

Private Cloud

How many computers and mobile devices do you have in your home at one time? How frustrated do you get trying to send data, music, and video files from one device to another? Uploading those files to a public cloud or sending them through email can be time-consuming and inefficient. If you want to be able to access all of your household files from multiple devices, consider loading them on the IOGEAR MediaShair Hub. When connected to an external hard drive, the hub can create your own personal network, enabling you to stream the contents of the drive wirelessly to up to seven different devices. Because it's limited to your home or office network, the hub works faster and is more secure than other external options.

The Smartest Alarm Clock

iQ Alarm clock

Another twist on a conventional gadget, the iQ Alarm clock doesn't just depend on a loud noise to get you up and moving out of bed, and it doesn't let you get away with just hitting the snooze button and falling back to sleep. In order to shut off this alarm, you must first answer questions that require your brain to wake up and think. In summoning the necessary mental energy to shut off your alarm, you wake up faster and more completely than when you just have a loud noise to deal with.

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