July 13, 2020
Avoid online scams

5 Ways To Avoid Online Scams

Your mobile message tone beeps and you get alerts from your bank that your account has been transacted with $$$. And suddenly the messages turn into an alarming message as neither you nor any of your family members has used your account for transacting money. There are many websites that asked for personal information and bank details, beware of such websites, or are highly careful while sharing your information and protect your online identity.

Avoid online scams

There is a whole bunch of online scammer who put tight vigilance on such websites and never misses a chance to steal the confidential information about the user. If you wish to stay away from such scams always browse and shop from the trusted websites and use ad blockers to control the unnecessary clicking on the unwanted advertisements.

Fake phone apps

Beware of fake apps. The growing market of android and apple mobile phone apps has offered a new platform to the scammers. Many fake apps are designed to steal information from your mobile phone that can be used or sell to the third party. To avoid the scam of the fraud apps, check the user’s review, visit developer’s website for more detailed information about the apps. Always click on popular apps that have been downloaded by the large numbers of people.


It won’t be wrong to call phishing as the genesis of online scams. Here scammer sends fake mail using the name of reputed organizations, bank and money transferring website or they can send mail using for friend’s email id requesting for the money.  Do not respond to such mails that ask you to share personal information or bank details for depositing millions of cash in your account, or would ask to pay registration fee first. Check the URL twice for its authenticity, use https in the address and cross=check the authenticity of the mail by calling up the concerned organization or person whose name has been used in the mail.

Wi-Fi Hacking

Avoid using public Wi-Fi service offered at coffee shops and airport terminals. Using public Wi-Fi makes your password and private information prone to got steeled by the hackers. Using 3G and 4G connections is a safer option to avoid Wi-Fi hacking in public areas.

Auctions sites scam

The craze of bidding and auction sites are high among virtual shoppers and scammers are ready to rob you. Many such sites do not have any business and they only make money. They either send low quality products, used-items or in the worst case, no product at all. Make sure you shop for authentic store and the store offers genuine deals and offers.

Employment fraud

Many people received job offers from reputed organizations and ask to pay for the registration, interview or any other fee. Most of the fraud job offers only use the company name but of you carefully check their email domain you will notice it has no connection with the organization.

Remember, no company, ask to deposit money for scheduling the interview and if you receive such mail contact the organization and report for the scam.

The online world has made our life a lot easier, but it has made us prone to many unknown threats. Protect your online identity with Hotspotshield.com, a secure way of browsing, you can also try various security apps especially designed for secure browsing and online transactions.

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