May 28, 2020
VOIP Service

5 Ways VoIP Service Can Benefit Your Small Business

It can be challenging to run a small business and business owners who are smart are constantly searching for ways to improve their service and keep their expenses low. VoIP solutions are a great way for businesses to save money, however, saving money is not the only benefit that this service offers.

VOIP Service
Cut Costs

Yes, with a SMB Phone system, a business can save up to 60 percent of costs of a standard phone system. Business owners actually save approximately $20 per user as well as costs for maintenance and upkeep of the system. These charges are ongoing and can be quite high for the small business owner who does not have the support of technical staff onsite.

Help Business Growth and Employee Production

If you have transcribed voicemail through your VoIP service, you will be able to save around 300 hours each year simply by reading your voicemail messages from your email inbox. Voice-to-text transcription is available and may forward your voicemails to your inbox via an attached audio file, depending on the type of service you go with. Business growth will demand for a better telephone system. Having to install new phone lines each time a new employee is hired can become expensive and time consuming. Then you couple this with the amount of office phone users that have increased and the bills keep getting bigger and bigger. By implementing VoIP into your business, the only thing you will increase is how many employees you have logged onto the network.

Answer Calls Anywhere

Businesses require the ability to answer their calls anywhere and at anytime. Having SMB VoIP phone systems will allow them to do this as well as allow employees to have more flexibility since they can take their office phone wherever they go.

Huge Array of Functions

Not only does VoIP offer phone calls, but they enable communications like international calling and video conferencing which adds to the flexibility of the business.

Improved Customer Service

VoIP providers may in many cases, assist small businesses with technical issues far more quickly than the standard phone companies since they are more familiar with web based systems. Rather than having to navigate to a difficult customer service interface and trying to establish a technician on site, businesses may easily and quickly gain the help of customer service representatives through the Internet. VoIP providers can also handle changes in the market more efficiently and quickly than standard providers since they do not work with old legacy infrastructure.

In addition to the features mentioned above, you get a bigger range of features than the standard phone lines. Features like enhanced voicemail, call blocking and waiting, call forwarding, call transfer, Caller ID, call recording, online account management, email and voicemail notifications,multiple extensions, auto attendants and more making VoIP a really feature rich technology.

It is quite clear that a business should seriously consider using VoIP. If not for the cost savings, then definitely for the increased time and work efficiency. Having a VoIP system installed in your business operations will definitely help with long term, sustainable business growth.

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  1. Neil Crawl

    Yes I agree with you. VOIP system is not only helpful to cost savings in calls that it delivers, but also it improved business productivity and efficiency. Right type pf VOIP phone system is very important for a business. VOIP is now widely used instead of traditional phone system.

  2. suvo

    Nice to know.I am searching in google about VOIP. Very informative post . Hope you will publish more about How to improve a VOIP business.

  3. Mary Finley

    Thanks for the information. I was thinking about getting VoIP for my business . I’m happy that it’s extremely beneficial to customer service and efficiency. Great post.

  4. elly

    VoIP services not only improve the productivity but it adds on the great impact of the business to the market as it always shows the availability leading to customer satisfaction.

  5. business voip

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