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A Cool Way to Turn the Laptop into a Touchscreen Device



There are many new innovative technologies available today to create a more user friendly experience for the consumer electronics devices that are used by us. One such new technology helps convert a windows 8 laptop screen into a touchscreen on the laptop. This means that any windows 8 laptop can be easily converted into a hybrid device that is both a laptop notebook as well as a touchscreen tablet type device. This will be really beneficial for people who want to get the experience of both laptop as well as a tablet in one single device. Also by using this device users will not have to carry both laptop and tablets with them.

How to Turn Windows 8 Laptop into a Touchscreen Device:

Turn the Laptop into a Touchscreen Device by portronics handmate windows 8

There is a new device in the market called Portronics Handmate -Windows 8 Pen. This pen helps convert the Windows 8 laptops to touchscreen device. The setting up of the Windows 8 pen is also quite simple. First attach the plug of the device to the USB port on the laptop. Then fix the receiving unit on one of the side edges of the screen midway between the top and the bottom. Go to the Control Panel and then to the option “Calibrate the Screen”. The device will appear on the page and will give you instructions to proceed. After following the instruction the laptop is converted into a touchscreen device in a few minutes.

How to Use a Laptop Touchscreen Device

The Portronics Handmate-Windows 8 Pen can be used for working on the touchscreen screen of the laptop after the device is set up according to the above instructions. The Pen can be used like a stylus for various purposes. The Pen stylus of the device needs to be gently pressed on the screen while using for optimal results. This stylus can be used like we use our finger for accessing the various games, sites and other icons on the touchscreen. Even one can use the stylus to write with it by hand on the touchscreen. It can also be used for sliding or flipping through pages on the Windows Touchscreen.

This device is available for around Rs 4,999 which is very affordable for lots of users. There is an extra stylus provided by the company with the device and also it has a long battery life. This device is a great way to convert a Windows 8 laptop into a touchscreen device.