May 28, 2020

Aakash Tablet: The Pros and Cons!


Although the Union Human Resource Minister of India, Kapil Sibbal while launching the Aakash Tablet , the cheapest tablet of India, that it will enhance the standard of the Indian education level and will inculcate interest in the students right from the beginning. He even promised to provide 35 dollar Computers to each and every student in the coming years.

Akash Tablet

Aakash Tablet is in the news right from the day when Government of India promised to provide tablet at very cheap price. If we talk about the pros and cons of this tablet then we will see more cons than the pros.


Advantages of Aakash Tablet:

  • First benefit of buying an Aakash Tablet is that, it is very cheap.
  • Second benefit of buying it is a feel good factor; as it is long waited, much hyped and highly publicized by the Indian media and government which has made common public very curious about this tablet. The persons who are aware about the tablets, laptops and such technology would not buy it at all because of many faults which this tablet have.
  • Thirdly these can be a nice medium of introduction of technology to the underprivileged section of the country. For example if a poor student is given this at very cheap price then it would be a very big thing for him or her to explore this latest technology.
Disadvantages of Aakash Tablet:

  •  When we talk about the cons of this tablet then a well off person who is aware of all its features and technological aspects would never buy this product.
  • The total cost of Aakash tablet is no only 2500 rupees but after shipping cost, memory card cost, and earphone it becomes more than 4000 rupees.
  • The processor of the tablet is also obsolete and very low capacity that is 336 MHz Processor which is even less than that of the cheapest android phone of Spice. This in result would make the speed very slow, as this capacity will be used in running the operating system itself by the tablet. So think twice before purchasing this item if you want speed.
  • Low Battery Backup: Aakash tablet comes with 2100 mAh battery which is also very low. Unlike laptops these gadgets need more powerful batteries as these are more handy and portable and are not feasible to be wired always. Thus a strong battery is a must for devices like tablets, etc.
  • Very Low Memory: If you are willing to store some files, videos, music then think ten times before purchasing it as the existing memory is too short to store your data. Although you will have an option to extend the memory by putting a 35 GB memory card(which is the maximum limit of this tablet) but for this you will have to spend extra 1000 rupees.
  • Other disadvantages of the Aakash tablets are no Bluetooth support, touch screen in not effective, heating very quickly, poor display, poor screen resolution, difficult to use in sun light, no external speaker available, hardware would not support upgrades in future, etc.
Thus think many times before purchasing this lowest quality but highly publicized product. It would be wise to buy other tablets available in the market like provided by Samsung, Sony, Apple, etc. Although they would cost more but it would be worth to spend more money. Finally make your choice. Thanks.

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  1. Ajay Kumar

    Thanks for giving detailed information about Aakash Tablet. I am wondering why people are dying to buy this tablet despite of its so many draw backs. Hope this article would help them to make decision. Thanks

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