January 26, 2021
Cracked Apps Installation Into An iPhone

An Imposing Guide On Cracked Apps Installation Into An iPhone

Ever since their inception, iPhone apps have been successful in gaining a unique edge as compared to apps developed for other mobile platforms such as Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.  If you've been an iPhone fan since years then the basic idea of installing cracked apps would definitely tempt you. This blog of mine describes all the steps that need to be followed for installing cracked apps into your iPhone. So, let's get started!

Cracked Apps Installation Into An iPhone

Cracked apps- What are they exactly?

I'm sure you must be familiar with the fact that all apps uploaded on the App Store have undergone rigid tests prior to being made available for the iPhone/iPad/iPod users. Companies offering iPhone Mobile Application Development Services have been extremely bothered about the quality of their apps. There is a mixture of free and paid apps available over the Apple Store. The paid iPhone apps which are being downloaded for free are termed as “cracked apps”. These apps are typically not allowed by Apple and work as the best match for people who own an older version of iPhone or iPod Touch. Cracked apps can be easily downloaded with the help of applications such as AppCake and Vshare but the sad part is that these applications are difficult to use on a long term. It is due to this complexity of using such an app that a majority of iPhone users have switched to installing the most-talked about cracked apps.

Prerequisite for installing cracked apps into an iPhone

You'll need a bug-free software and an activated GPRS for installing cracked apps into your iPhone. You need to ensure that the Quick pwn software is being downloaded in accordance to the iPhone version you're using like 1G, 2G, 3G etc.

And now, the steps that mark the installation of cracked apps on your iPhone

Step 1- Download the Quick pwn tool and install it.

Step 2- Connect your iPhone to your computer

Step 3- Close the iTunes application

Step 4- Run the Quick pwn software.

Step 5- Choose your iPhone model and click “Next”. You'll be redirected to the page where you'll be asked to restore your iPhone software. If your restore version is correct, then you'll be asked to verify the other credentials.

Quick Pawn

Step 6- Click on the Next arrow and you'll be redirected to a page that's similar to the one displayed below:

On the above screen, tick all the options except the logos option because selecting it would replace your iPhone's original logo and you won't be able to restore it again.

Step 7- Quickly go through all the instructions of Quick pwn and apply the ones you feel are relevant. On successful completion of this step, you'll be shown a screen that's similar to the one displayed below:

Quick Pawn process

Step 8- Now install cydia into your iPhone and select manage...

Step 9- Go to sources and select edit and add the above to cydia.hackulo.us

Step 10- Now, select search and type 'Mipatch”, followed by selecting miPatch Firmware 2.2.2 and installing it.

Step 11- After a successful installation, restart your iPhone. With this, you're free to insert as many cracked applications as you want. After downloading these apps, simply open them with iTunes and sync the same into your iPhone.

Cracked Apps- Better be cautious while installing them into your iPhone

Unlike the paid apps that are available at the App stores,cracked apps are a bit less safe when it comes to downloading them for your iPhone. Cracked apps work only on Jailbroken devices. Well, if you aren't familiar with what jailbreaking a smartphone is, here's an explanation. Whenever you jailbreak your iPhone, you're actually granting your device the ability to run programs/apps that have not been approved by Apple. That means, you're making your device run something that's termed as “Unsigned” code. So, it is recommended to be utmost careful while installing cracked apps into your iPhone because you have in a way got the keys to screw yourself and being careless won't work in your favor.

Wrapping Up

So, that was a handy guideline on installing cracked apps into your iPhone. I'm sure by now you'd have got a clearer picture about what the cracked apps are and how they can be safely installed in different iPhone models. Now, its time for you to go ahead and embrace these cracked apps, while being very careful and witty.

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