April 12, 2021
Android Jelly Bean 4.2

Android Jelly Bean 4.2 : Six Features You Don’t Want To Miss

Android 4.2, Jelly Bean from Google has been out for some time now. As people learnt and used the new operating system, they came to appreciate quite a few of the innovative features it offered. Though the OS brings along many features that are worth a mention, let us take a look at the most useful of these.

Android Jelly Bean 4.2

    1. Gesture Typing: A big time saver for users who have to write a lot, the Gesture Typing feature of Android 4.2 optimizing typing like Swype does. You can type a word simply by gliding your finger across the required letters, lifting it after every word. The spaces get added automatically. The Android dictionary is also improved and more powerful.


    1. Multi Users: Available for use only for the tablet users, this feature is very much desirable if the device involves shared use. Separate users can have a separate log-in and a customized home screen. Switching between users is fast and does not involve a log-in/log-out cycle.


    1. Daydream: Don’t let your smartphone be idle even when it is not in use or is docked. The feature of Daydream has the device displaying an album, pictures, or news feeds, etc. You may select any picture, or opt for news from specific websites and set it for display as the screen saver.


    1. Photosphere: With the Android 4.2, the camera can snap up pictures covering much more from all directions than is possible with a normal camera. Photography enthusiasts will love the 360 degree panoramic views it can capture.


    1. Google Now: Have Google acting as a personal assistant with the Google Now cards. The cards will appear to display information Google believes you might need at a particular time. This includes weather information at the start of the day, real time rail or flight information, hotel reservations, etc. The feature also offers integrated support for emails & calendars so that events can be added in Siri-like style.


    1. Wireless Display: MiraCast from Android 4.2 enables you to watch your smartphone videos on your HDTV through a Wi-Fi connection. Only connecting a wireless display adapter to your television’s HDMI port is required. The TV/DVD your smartphone screen is being attached to should support MiraCast.



The list includes some of the new Android 4.2 Jelly Bean features I have loved best and I am sure have appealed to you too. There are plenty of others that may also impress you.

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  1. myles

    The keyboard and tweaks on the new Jelly Bean are just out of the world.! But on the other hand it is lagging my phone a bit. Unless it is awesome.

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