October 15, 2021
Universal Remotes Apps

Apps that turn Smartphones into Universal Remotes

They say there is an app for everything. Well it is certainly true for all the remote controlled gadgets in your house can be controlled by an app. There are apps that one can use today that will turn the smartphones into a remote control for a number of devices in your household that operate using remote controls.
It is quite simple. One has to simply download these apps and they can convert your smart phone into a remote for electronics in the house like TV, Cable boxes, Home Theatre systems, Stereos. The advantage is that you do not need to buy separate remotes and use separate remotes for all your electronics items in the house. The mobile phone will act as a remote for all of them. They can also act as remotes for lights in the house as well as the air conditioning devices in the house.

Universal Remotes Apps

These smartphone apps are not just like regular remote controls either. They provide many more options compared to regular remote controls. There are various such apps that are available for download. They are available for iOS, Android and other smartphone operating systems.

The following are examples of some of the apps that convert the smartphone into remote controls

    • Dijit is an app which makes smartphones into universal remotes. Dijit can be used to access TV channels, create personalized menu layouts, get recommendation of shows from Facebook friends and also discover new shows. It is not just used as a TV remote but can also be used for other electronics like XBoxes and Blue ray players. Dijit is available for both iOS and Android users.

Dijit Universal Remotes

    • Another universal remote app is iRule. It is also available for both android as well as iOS smartphones and you can custmozise your menu and layout of the remote with the help of this app. You need to buy a special hardware along with the app for it to be functional.
    • Another such app is Zmart which is universal remote app that can be used to convert your phone into a remote for a large number of household devices.
    • RedEye can also be used for both iOS phones as well as Android phones. This app can make your smartphone into a remote for many things from house switches to TV channels.

Red Eye Universal Remotes

  • There are some other apps like Re Universal remote, BlueR and Beacon.
  • There are universal remote apps of companies that make the smartphone a universal remote option for their products that you have in your household.

Converting your smartphone into a universal remote for all the gadgets and household items is a smart idea. It reduces the number of remotes that you need to use for various different gadgets in the house. It is a great way to reduce the use of plastic as most remote controls are made of plastic. These apps help the smartphones become one single remote control that works as a remote control for all the devices in the household.

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