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7 Little-known Best Android Gadgets



Google Android Glasses
The Android OS system of Google is popular for ruling the tablet and Smartphone market segment. However there are many other high-tech filled best android gadgets that are now accepting Google’s Android OS. It is a fact that Android system is strengthening day by day. It has earned an incredible foothold in the market creating its own niche. Here are some best android gadgets listed below:


1. Android Television


The technology of television has outgrown in all these years. The smart televisions with internet connectivity which are latest in the market, allow you to surf the web while watch your favorite match or program simultaneously. But now with the launch of televisions sets that are powered with Android OS, these smart televisions seem to be old.

Best Android Gadgets


2. Android Cameras


There were times when clicking a photo was a big task, however with the launch of digital cameras, this trend is changing significantly. And now with the Android powered digital cameras, you can share your best picture on different social networking sites and download number of photo editing applications from Google Play. Will this not make everything on your finger tips?

Best Android Gadgets


3. Android Watches


These watches are gleaning much popularity amongst the youth. This cool and trendy wearable gadget is an appropriate solution for those who do not prefer taking their phone everywhere, and then taking it out from their pocket to check a text message or notification.

Best Android Gadgets


4. Android Notebooks


Though these Android gadgets haven’t created much noise in the market, even then there are companies that are launching such Android powered notebooks. It is worth knowing that these notebooks come with touch screen display.

Best Android Gadgets


5. Google Glasses


Showcasing this new invention, Google Glasses come up with minute display on the right side and are powered with Android’s OS. These glasses display emails, videos, update status, or check status on social networking websites.

Best Android Gadgets


6. Android Set Top Box for Televisions


We are not new to the smart televisions or Android power television sets. But have you heard about Android set top box for your smart televisions? With all television companies stepping in to this segment, the gadget is sure to witness flourishing market in coming years.

Best Android Gadgets


7. Android Gaming Consoles


These gadgets are new in the market and are powered with android OS. There are only three of such gadgets, of which one is already launched in the market, while the other two fall under development stage.

Best Android Gadgets

Though many users are still confused as to whether they actually need these Android gadgets or not, there are others who find these devices exciting and interesting and are waiting eagerly to possess.