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Best Creative 404 Error Page



404 Page Design

The 404 Error page has been encountered by all of us some or the other time when we try and access a page or a website as it is a very common error that one faces on the internet. This error is shown when it is not possible for the web browser to connect to the server and the server cannot find what is requested. The standard 404 error page is quite dull and boring and so, many websites have customized their 404 error pages.

By customizing the 404 error page it makes it more interesting to the users and the website can attract attention of more web users and it also makes the web users to stay for longer time on their website. The customized error page will also show the logo and branding and the theme of the website instead of the standard 404 Error page.

There are various websites that have very innovative and sometimes very funny customized 404 Error Pages that make you laugh even when you are facing the 404 Error. They provide links to get back to the website. Thus many websites today are having customized creative 404 Error Page.

404 Page Design

404 Page Design

404 Page Design

404 Page Design

404 Page Design

404 Page Design

404 page Design

404 Page Design

404 Page Design
404 Page Design

404 Page Design

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Top 5 Frameworks for Mobile App Development

Choosing the right framework is difficult for the developers to decide. Here,You can through the list of the top framework for mobile app development.



In this blog post, You will read most popular frameworks for mobile app development.

The lifestyle has become digital and dependable on mobile phones. Phone usage, however, is more app-centric -within the phone are apps that control everything. The extensive usage of apps has lead to an increased number of mobile app developments. All entrepreneurs are looking forward to deploying mobile apps and are seeking possibilities for being unique and successful.

The solution of developing apps and standing out lies in persistency in putting an effort into making it successful. A very close analysis of competitors and customer demand is one of the major factors. The primary factor, however, is the framework to choose. The market is launching new platforms every day, thus making it even more difficult for the developers to decide.

This article is inspired from VeztekUSA-a leading mobile app development company. You can visit the site for further help in understanding the concepts of Mobile, The Web, and Hybrid App. For now, you can through the list of the top framework for mobile app development.

#1- Onsen Ui

Frameworks for Mobile App Development

Oncen Ui enables crafting of optimized hybrid apps. It renders a superb user experience and is brilliantly designed. It also supports multiple scenes such as PhoneGap and other frameworks as well. It provides excellent performance and in a nutshell, it enables developing code apps which feature a very easy user interface.

#2- PhoneGap

Frameworks for Mobile App Development

PhoneGap is fully stable platform that develops cross-platform compatible apps. PhoneGap has two key points-stability and flexibility. It can code mobile apps for varied business purposes as it supports JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. The efforts in developing an app through PhoneGap shorten as it supports a number of plugins that enhance the functionality of application instead.

#3- Appcelerator Titanium

Frameworks for Mobile App Development

This framework supports JavaScript and is an open source mobile app development framework. It enables developers to build, deploy, and test all kinds of applications. Appcelerator Titanium features superbly designed SDK and the applications that are developed through this platform can run on Blackberry, iOS, and Android. The user experience can also be detected and enhanced through this platform.

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#4- Intel App Framework

Frameworks for Mobile App Development

IT is one of the most powerful mobile app development frameworks that support HTML5 technology. It is ready to use, speedy, and a reliable platform for coding applications for diverse platforms. It has superb features and functions that enable developers to build business apps. For an appealing layout, the framework has feature of support different UI styles.

#5- Apportable’s

Frameworks for Mobile App Development

Just as the name sounds, this framework helps in developing apps that can fit perfectly with various mobile devices. The feature of this framework enables coding apps for Android and iOS with a greater speed. Apportable’s is best for programming game apps having some great features that can enhance other coding functions.

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50K Designers Enjoying The Professional Online Code Free Web Design Studio: Webydo



There are many great ideas and solutions in the web design industry that are often not mentioned or simply swept under the rug. Ever imagine what it would be like to create a robust website without writing a single line of code? No we aren’t talking about the limited DIY website builders that have been in the market for quite some time now. We are talking about a professional online website design studio that allows designers to maximize their creativity and meet complex requirements for their clients. Webydo is the online web design studio that is being used by more than 50k professional designers who have already created more than 110k websites, using it across numerous genres and publishing their designs, code-free. It is a platform that has been developed by a team of professional designers for professional designers.


Three Steps to a Professional Website

  • Design

    The Design Management System gives you unlimited options to express your creativity. You will be met by a Photoshop like interface with drag and drop features allowing you to achieve pixel perfect accuracy. With hundreds of free fonts you can achieve the typography you want. Once you have done the last bit of designing the patent pending technology converts your design into HTML code and a Content Management System. The codes are clean and comply with the standards laid down by W3C. And there are no extra steps if you are also looking to create a responsive website.

  • Manage

    The Content Management System allows you to manage multiple website from the same dashboard and thus you can work on multiple projects simultaneously.  WYSIWYG editor allows you to intuitively manage content on the site. You can make use of the Site Permissions Feature to lock a few design elements ensuring there are no accidental changes in the appearance of the site when clients decide to update or edit content. You can customize the client login to promote your brand using the Build Your Brand feature.

  • Publish

    You will be able to host a website within Webydo and thus no need to look for a separate hosting service provider. In fact it makes hosting extremely easy. There is no such thing as setting up the FTP or managing the c-Panel. You can host the site for free on Webydo’s sub-domain or host under the Premium Plan in your custom domain. The sites are hosted on a Cloud Server that is backed up by a strong Content Delivery Network ensuring high level of performance. Webydo uses enterprise level security and regularly backs up the site to prevent loss of data.webydo_1

Why Webydo?

  • E-Commerce

    Webydo allows you to easily integrate Ecwid E-Commerce widget that is mobile
    friendly solution that accepts a wide variety of payment solutions. It can be used for small and large online stores and provided you with all the creative freedom to meet the needs of your clients.  

  • Cross Platform

    This design studio generates cross-platform code that is updated to the latest industry standards. This ensures that the websites appear and function uniformly across all browsers. You also have the option to edit your site in the mobile view or tablet.

  • Advanced Web Design Features

    With Webydo you have many advanced web design features such as the grid generator, smart guides and snapping, layers window, text caption for images and galleries. It also allows you to design sophisticated forms, set corner radiuses and define element properties such as fill, shadow and stroke.

  • In-Browser Editing

    The online design studio allows you to design and manage the site within the browser itself. Thus you or your clients would be able to keep the site updated anytime and from anywhere.

  • Smart Guides

    Smart Guides and snapping aid in the design process. There are temporary snap-to guides that appear when moving elements on the canvas. Thus allows you to achieve complete precision and control over the design.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    The built-in search engine optimization options allow you to edit the Meta data, description that make your website easily visible on all major search engines. This helps in attracting the search engine spider to your site and getting indexed easily.


Join The Web Designers Revolution

With all these features and functionalities Webydo appears to be the most professional online website design studio. What really takes this website creator to the next level is their attention to the designer. Webydo created their Participate page so that their growing community can add new features suggestions, vote on what to be added next, communicate with the team and be part of shaping this professional design studio.


Free and Premium Plans

With all the advantages that are offered, Webydo is reasonably priced. There is a ‘Free’ plan that allows you to host the site on a Webydo sub-domain mainly used for testing purposes. Here you can create 15 webpages and enjoy 1 GB storage space and unlimited bandwidth. For hosting the site on a custom domain you can upgrade to the ‘Premium’ Plan that costs $7.90/ month when billed annually or $9.90/ month when billed bi-annually. Under this plan you will be able to create an unlimited number of webpages and also enjoy 2 GB of storage space and unlimited download.


The Verdict

Webydo is way ahead of similar design studios that are available in the market. It allows you to express your creativity like no other. The competitive pricing gives you the edge.

This article is proudly presented by Webydo’s designers community .

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Want To Build Your Own Poker Site? It Takes A Lot Of Work!



Have you ever wanted to build your own poker website – one on par with sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt – but don't know how to get started? The thing is... no one can really develop a website like that on their own.

Poker websites, especially larger poker websites, take so much 'manpower' and effort to maintain that they require entire teams of people to make the website properly operate every day. Let's take a moment to think about the average poker website. Most websites of varying sizes have a:

Graphical interface – or the layout.

Front-end code – or the code rendering the 'skeleton' supporting the layout of the site, in addition to other 'visual' site functions. It's usually comprised of HTML and CSS (HTML5 and CSS3 nowadays). Advanced web code here usually includes Javascript and PHP.

Back-end code – the code handling site functions without a graphical interface. Programming languages like C++, Ruby, Python and any other programming language associated with databases.

Thanks to this, managing an entire website can be difficult. When you add the prospect of managing thousands of users, maintaining hundreds of active and inactive poker games, in addition to the entire site database—and you'll see why it's not easy to manage such a large poker website on your own.

The front

Perhaps the most important component behind the 'front end' of an online poker site is managing the software itself. The poker software is what players use to connect and play against other players.

The software works by sending information to a client's (user's) computer with information about the game – the transmitted information usually amount to the cards at the table, the table's actions, in addition to other information that stems from the game itself.

Users can then input information into the software, their commands dictating the moves they make. Online poker games are usually made of several people at once doing this exact thing.

When you look at it, it takes a lot of work to code and render poker software as a web application. The web application, as an example, has to be robust enough to support hundreds of players, while being secure enough to handle transactions between players and your institution.

The back

That's another problem with managing your own poker site—you'll be responsible for thousands of people's personal information, including critical information like their payment details. That brings web security into the equation.

When you're dealing with several thousand users who sign up for your hypothetical poker website, you naturally have to think about bringing security into the equation somehow. Many web security processes can be complicated to learn more about and manage, though there are professionals who know exactly what a site may need to manage its critical data.

Of course, you also have to think about the server's offline security, too—a website's security can be compromised online and offline.

Before you make your own poker site....

Before even thinking about building the website itself, you have to think about the legalities. As an example, starting a fully capable online poker site in the United States isn't legal at this time.

Establishing your own poker gaming company, opening a company banking account, registering the domain name – those are just a few of the long and complicated steps you have to take care of if you want your own poker super site.

After that, there's the matter of finding servers that are large enough to handle thousands of online poker tables and at least 1 million users online at the same time. Some smaller sites only make use of three, but... think about sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt.

They have thousands, if not, millions of users coming through their websites each month and playing poker. Sites of this size naturally harbour several dozen servers to manage their important data and the entirety of the site itself.

That also includes backup servers, in the case of an outage—not to mention, other backup servers in different physical locations. So, you can't just start an online poker site through a regular shared web host. You'll need your own server equipment—and a lot of it.

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