Mobile Web technology

Twists and Turns in Mobile Web technology

People often do not understand the difference between the traditional web technologies and mobile web technologies. This is why they fail to make the most out of it. The following article is aimed at...

Web development today – what is important?

Working in the IT industry means that you constantly have to keep up with the ever-changing trends. Failure to follow up on the current fashions in the field of web development will, in the best scen...
SSL Certificates

Get to Grips with SSL Jargon

SSL Certificates are available in many forms, including Secure Site Pro, Extended Validation and the Wildcard SSL certificate.
404 Page Design

Best Creative 404 Error Page

The 404 Error page has been encountered by all of us some or the other time when we try and access a page or a website as it is a very common error that one faces on the internet. This error is shown...