October 15, 2021
biggest myths about getting a website

Reality or Deception? The Biggest Myths about Getting Into the Cyber World

Completing your graduation and heading towards your own website, would be the first step towards your business.

However, in the meanwhile of starting your venture as a start-up and turning out to be a successful entrepreneur is a long and rough journey. With all this comes, a huge package of myths and misconceptions mixed up in the matter than it is possible to list.

Fortunately, we have a list of all the biggest myths about getting a website. So here, we come with some of the points to deflate or neutralize them in order to sort the reality from the deception:

Getting A Website Is Too Difficult

It is not the 1980’s anymore and nobody should find it difficult to get a website or to run it. Whether you want a simple domain, hosting set up, or you need to set your business empire in the cyber world, it is extremely easy to do it. Be it any online startup package or ultimate empire package, you can get everything you require for building up your own website.

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It’s Costly And Time Consuming

If you people think that having your own webpage is costly and consumes a lot of time, then for your information, it is not. For having your own website, you just need to have a domain and hosting and with that, you can get your website online for only a few bucks per month. The truth is a web address is not expensive, not even a little bit.
When it comes to be time consuming then the term "Too long" is a very subjective one, as it can be said that getting online take as long time as you want it to consume, but getting into the cyber world acquires so much time is a complete myth. It is unbelievably fast and easy to get your business enter the online world, like: a domain can be registered right away, and a website could be designed shortly.

Need To Be A Cyber Expert

Now this one is too far from that of the reality. From trawl-and-drip website designer apparatus to sites like Tumblr and WordPress, expertise is needed nowhere. In addition, awareness of front or back-end web design is no obstacle to a website.

Limited List Of Available Domains

These days a huge variety of domain extensions are available, which comes with a wide range of domain name variations. Yes, it is true that if want to go for a famous or a common domain extension, like .com, .net, .org, then there are quite possibilities that you might not find the apt or desired domain name for your online business. However, on the other hand, you can go for several of the domain with various unique TLDs like .blog, .club, or a .tickets domain extension, which comes with a huge range of domain names where you can definitely find a desired one.

Some people think getting online is of no use to them, but remember not being a member of the internet world can lead your competitor grow and you might get invisible, which is not a good sign. As it is the 21st century and people are use to the latest technologies, so when they need to get in touch with any of the business to grab their services they do not go to the yellow pages, instead they search you on the net.

However, it means that if you are not online then your business is not visible to the users, which means that when someone looks for you they are more likely to find a competitor of yours and your potential customers would pass on to one of your rivals.

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