October 15, 2021
Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Demystifying Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung renowned for its impressive genre of smart phones has released Note 3 which has captivated the imagination of the users. People watched the sneak preview at the IFA Berlin.

The phone is compatible with major network operators such as AT&T, Sprint to name a few. Studded with a 5.7 inch high definition screen, the note 3 is a far cry from its previous version that boasted of 5.5 inches only, however the current product is light and thin. It is a tedious task to manipulate the touch screen with one hand unless you are the one limbed expert.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Backed by a bright and colorful screen, there is nothing one cannot do with the finger tips; nevertheless the introduction of the pen stylus provides unflinching accuracy.

Let’s check out what is under the hood?

Machine boasts of a heavy duty processor with 2.3 GHz of frequency and eye popping 3 GB of RAM. Well, the configuration is suitable to run all kinds of application loaded with heavy graphics.

Executing all kinds of gaming software would demand a lot of the battery of the sleek beast and it might quickly drain it out.

Samsung has tactfully included the giant and powerful workhorse with 3200mAh so that it is able to provide a huge standby time for the users. Not only power, but the note can connect to the internet at an extremely fast speed of 4G. On the flip side of the phone you get to fiddle with the 13 mega pixel camera, snapping pictures with crystal clear resolution.

After assimilating feedback from the users, Samsung has redefined the looks of the galaxy note and introduced a sensational metallic rim to boot. A false stitch of the leather on the back side has made S3 fit for expensive wallets flashed by the niche segment of the society.

S Pen is a defining feature of the smart phone unraveling its power in the form of a virtual wheel enhancing its different functionalities. It comprises of different icons exhibiting short cuts to various features of the stylus.

Dialing phone number is a piece of cake for the users because you can just scribble it with the light pen and draw a circle to connect with the new users. Stylus instills life in the email, addresses and maps by drawing a box around them and then you can cruise ahead by clicking on the appropriate icons. Watch Air command wheel carefully and voila what do you see, a quick way to bookmark the most favorite site, image, text or the application. Similarly all the snippets can be saved or tagged for the future reference by the users in the scrap book. The app is synchronized across all the devices although it is not possible to access it online.

You got a big screen and this is a perfect time for using more than one application on the note. Don’t sweat, there is a wonderful multi window facility providing simultaneous access to different game zones and business applications. Phones are getting huge, but they are justifying the size of the screen by incorporating many capabilities.

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