January 20, 2022
digital nomadism

Digital Nomads Rise of the Telecommuting Entrepreneurs

It is only normal that after a hard working year one decides to take a vacation. Usually, this means dislodging oneself from all of his work and just relaxing for a week or two. But, with the technological advancement, more and more people tend to bring their work with them.

For instance, digital nomads tend to travel the world and at the same time, use technology to keep their work done. But how is this possible and how do people work from their recreation vehicles, café shops or public libraries? Here are some of the things which make that possible.


More and more people all over the world started becoming something that is today known as the freelancer. Drawn by custom working hours and their wish for freedom and fast money, many people gave up their jobs to work as freelancers.

Digital nomads are no different, for they also committed to the world of freelancing and are utilizing its possibilities to the maximum. Nomads are free both in their minds and the environment and tend to use different ways of telecommunication to finish their jobs. But in the end, they are just better and improved freelancers.

digital nomadism

Do not try to imagine nomads as people who travel the world and see many different locations. This is work related, and in this case, nomadism stands not for the different way of working, but for the different way of living in general. Digital nomads tend to work in groups and support each other.

Once you embark on such a journey, get ready to completely change your life and at the same time, you will be forced to give up life as you know it and embrace the uncertain future. There are many nomad communities out there, both in public and on social networks. If you are interested in becoming one of them, seek them out for help and see if you have what it takes to become one of them.

Gadgets and Apps

Similar to superheroes, each digital nomad is equipped with certain gadgets that make his work easier. In this case, it is a smartphone and a powerful laptop filled with different apps. These apps are created to help them improve their time management, work and also help them stay in touch with the world, communicate with their employers and finish their jobs easier.

Also, they use apps that keep track of all of their payments, apps that organize their work hours and apps that keep track of the currency and stock market. As a digital nomad, you have to stay in touch with everything.

Cloud Storage

Being in this business means keeping tons of important documents and files, both important for private and professional purposes. And for a person living like a digital nomad, where else could he hold all these information than on online cloud storage. Every digital nomad needs an encrypted cloud storage to keep his documents and files safe just in case something happens with his laptop, or if he gets out of storage space on his hard drive.

Many are available on both Google and Apple store, yet most of them offer 250 gigabytes for around $100 per year. By doing this, they are able to access their data at all times, organize and share them, and the app is automatically synchronized with your laptop.


Finally, the most important part about digital nomadism is traveling. Many of these people tend to travel the globe and are never bound to one place or working desk. This is the advantage of this job; you get to go wherever you want and still hold a full-time job. What is even better, you can focus on creating new things while at the same time meeting new people and establishing new connections.

Living as a digital nomad sounds tempting, yet people still love the safer option which promises pension and contract. Those brave enough to embark on this journey and be successful at it shall find many great opportunities and see life beyond their comfort zone.

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  1. Niclas

    This is a great strategy for your digital lifestyle.

    Always interesting to see how other professionals use their tech in moderation with the maximum effect:)

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