January 20, 2022
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Explore E-commerce Benefits with 8 Remarkable Android Applications

E-commerce has become one of the most promising business streams in the current century. Irrespective of whether you've a restricted or a vast budget, indulging in e-commerce can allow you to make good money instantly. Inception of smartphones has acted as an icing on the cake when it comes to running a successful e-commerce business. With thousands and thousands of mobile apps available in the mobile app development world, it won't be wrong to say that if you're owning a smartphone(iOS/Android) you'll actually be able to do everything that's required for running an e-store successfully. In this blog, I'll be highlighting the details about 8 such brilliant Android apps that have served as excellent tools for just about every kind of e-commerce site.

Way 1 – DroidAnalytics

DroidAnalytics   Android Apps on Google Play

DroidAnalytics is an excellent Android app that allows you to analyze the Google Analytics data for your e-commerce website. With this app installed and activated in your Android smartphone, you can easily view daily, weekly and yearly stats for various assets pertaining to your site. Some of the key website assets that you can visualize the Google analytics for, include: visitors, page views, bounce rate, time, visits and page per visit.

Way 2 - PPC Editor

PPC Editor for iOS   Free download and software reviews   CNET Download.com

PPC Editor is an app custom-made introduced by a reputed Android Development Companyfor e-commerce professionals who're operating multiple PPC(Pay Per Click) campaigns at one time. This downloadable Android app allows you to pause/resume your PPC campaigns with a single swipe of the screen. With PPC Editor, you'll be able to manage your Google AdWords ad campaigns directly from your smartphone. Additionally, you can even choose to monitor statistics on all ongoing campaigns, edit the budgets etc. This is a paid app available to you at an affordable price of $16.99.

Way 3 - E-Commerce Selling on the Web

E Commerce Selling on the Web   Android Apps on Google Play

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or an established e-commerce professional, it is absolutely essential for you to stay well acquainted with all the issues and prospects in the e-commerce arena. Installing 'E-Commerce Selling on the Web' app will render you an in-depth insight into everything latest that's happening in the world of e-commerce.   

Way 4 - Sales Calculator for E-commerce

Sales Calculator   Android Apps on Google Play

Sales Calculator for Ecommerce is a brilliant Android app that allows the online merchants to quickly calculate their total invoice based on various factors including quantity, price, tax, shipping and discounts.This app is tailor-made for online entrepreneurs who need to handle consumers placing their orders via phone. There'll be no need for keeping the customer on hold while the entrepreneur figures out the invoice details of the order.

Way 5 - eCommerce Manager

Sales Calculator   Android Apps on Google Play

eCommerce Manager is a free to download Android app that stores scripts, add-ons to your e-store's framework, thereby allowing you to manage your online portal effectively.Once you install this app into your device, all the e-store data will be encrypted between your device and the store server using the Advanced Encryption Standard(AES). Popular e-commerce solutions supported by this Android app include: MijoShop, oscMax, CRE Loaded, Open Cart, osCommerce, TomatoCart, Zen Cart and many more.

Way 6 - Global E-Commerce Summit

Global E Commerce Summit   Android Apps on Google Play

Global E-Commerce Summit is a leading international event that enables you to focus on the most important trends and developments in global e-commerce, ominichannel retail and cross-border trading. Upon installation of this app into your Android device, you can easily view schedules, explore after parties, create your personal schedule, access interactive maps, check-in to sessions and grab the opportunity of expanding your professional network.

Way 7 – Shoop!

shoop sell online

Shoop! is yet another brilliant Android app that allows you to upload your product(s) to multiple marketplaces/online store platforms in a quick and easy way. Shoop! works as your partner in selling online. With this app, you can simply click product pictures, upload them to your e-store and start selling, thereby saving a good amount of time that can further be utilized in other e-commerce marketing processes.

Way 8 - Password Plus 3.0

Passwords Plus   Free Vault   Android Apps on Google Play

Here is another perk for its users that can be also availed in customized form for which you just need to contact Android Application Developers. Installing the all-new Password Plus 3.0 allows you to store, protect and sync all your PINs, passwords, logins, usernames and other sensitive information pertaining to your e-store. Equipped with a free editing feature, Password Plus 3.0 lets you create up to 25 passwords for up to 60 days. Unlike the free version, paid version of Password Plus 3.0 includes data backup, unlimited passwords, removal of in-app advertising and many more exciting features.

Summing it all up

Now, you've them all in your kitty, the 10 awesome Android apps that serve as handy tools for operating a flawless and fully-functional e-commerce website. Hope you'd have enjoyed the compilation and chosen your pick.

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