October 15, 2021
Find Domain Name

How to Find a Domain Name easily for Your Business

In this post you will learn about how to select, find and register domain name for your business or blog.

Choosing a right domain name is more like selecting a company name for your business. Your domain name is going to be your online identity to the rest of the world. Choose it wisely and harness the power of a domain name with right domain selection.

A good domain name should be short, sweet and significant. And only after a series of head storming domain name discussion session one could decide on certain domain names. The IT world has realised the role of the domain name as a result; you can easily find a couple of free domain name suggestion tools online.

How to decide on a domain name?

Select from top 5 keyword, representing your business/service: your domain name should be associated with your business. Many people wish to have a unique domain name and for that reason they often pick a weird domain name. For example, if you are launching a cooking related website, choosing words or adjectives related to cooking and food could be the ideal choice.

Keep it sweet and simple: The domain name should be catchy and simple. Avoid using special character like underscore in the domain name as could often lead to mistype or misspelling. Avoid using special characters, like hyphen, underscore or numerals in the domain name, people often find it hard to retain the complex domain name.

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Use Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool or SEM Rush to find relevant keywords or key terms. It will help to you in find some unique keywords.

Find domain name by Location

Choosing location specific domain name is also an good idea. If your business or service is for specific regions, try to add city name or started naming in the URL and make it region specific. Ex: indiblogger.com, choosechicago.com, trulytexas.com etc.

You will be surprised to know, but choosing right extension name could greatly affect your online presence. Choosing .com extension is always beneficial, but your website is specifically designed for a particular country, choosing country specific extension will be more beneficial. For the starter who wishes to set-up the website at a lower rate could find .net domain quite competitive.

Find domain name by Niche

Nowadays, Niche specific domains are in trends for small business or niche blogger. Here is some example for niche specific domain names foodnetwork.com, foodandwine.com, trekamerica.com

Choosing a domain name has become tough task. Thanks to the online domain name generator tools now one can easily track the availability of the domain name. Make a list of few domain names, check the availability of the Domain names and select wisely.

There are various free domain name generator tools, here you can easily check the availability of the domain name and could also get more suggestions regarding domain names.

Here are some popular Domain Name Generator tools:- 

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  • NameMesh.com
  • NameBoy.com
  • Panabee.com


The domain name is one of those entities of the online business world that remain unchanged throughout the online business span, changing the domain name is like establishing a new business that is why it is suggested to choose a domain name wisely. It should represent your business to the fullest.

Once you have decided your domain, your next step should be to register it to the earliest, the online world is expanding with tremendous speed, book your domain name before someone else grab it and laid building block of your business.

Where to check availability of the domain name?

There are few online platforms that could help you in checking the availability of the domain name. You can get suggestion regarding domain name as well. Name cheap is one of my fevorite domain name finder website that could help you in deciding your domain name:

Type the domain name you wish to secure for your website in a search box and you will instantly get the result.

Namechap Find Doamin Name

whether the domain is free or taken. You can also book the domain via Instant Domain Search and could avail discount on Bluehost hosting plan or Hostgator web hosting. Instant Domain does not keep any record of the searches made by the user. Feel free to use the website for checking the availability of the domain name. The best thing with Name Cheap is you can search domain name availability in bulk. It will save your time.

Here is after search result:

Namechap Find Doamin Name Result

It is a one point solution for Search, look up, check, select, reserve, purchase, register, transfer, renew, protect, and / or monitor domain names. Enter the domain name along with the domain and check whether the name and domain is free for you or not n few seconds.

Here are some of good websites for check domain availability:-

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  • GoDaddy.com
  • Checkdomain.com
  • Domain.com
  • Name.com


Search, Find domain name and book .com,.Org, .edu, .Biz or.Net domain along with domain name and take your first step towards the online world.

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In the next blog post we will discuss how selecting a right hosting plan could help you in running and managing your blog easily. Till then stay safe.

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