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How to Find a Domain Name easily for Your Business



Find Domain Name

In this post you will learn about how to select, find and register domain name for your business or blog.

Choosing a right domain name is more like selecting a company name for your business. Your domain name is going to be your online identity to the rest of the world. Choose it wisely and harness the power of a domain name with right domain selection.

A good domain name should be short, sweet and significant. And only after a series of head storming domain name discussion session one could decide on certain domain names. The IT world has realised the role of the domain name as a result; you can easily find a couple of free domain name suggestion tools online.

How to decide on a domain name?

Select from top 5 keyword, representing your business/service: your domain name should be associated with your business. Many people wish to have a unique domain name and for that reason they often pick a weird domain name. For example, if you are launching a cooking related website, choosing words or adjectives related to cooking and food could be the ideal choice.

Keep it sweet and simple: The domain name should be catchy and simple. Avoid using special character like underscore in the domain name as could often lead to mistype or misspelling. Avoid using special characters, like hyphen, underscore or numerals in the domain name, people often find it hard to retain the complex domain name.

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Use Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool or SEM Rush to find relevant keywords or key terms. It will help to you in find some unique keywords.

Find domain name by Location

Choosing location specific domain name is also an good idea. If your business or service is for specific regions, try to add city name or started naming in the URL and make it region specific. Ex:,, etc.

You will be surprised to know, but choosing right extension name could greatly affect your online presence. Choosing .com extension is always beneficial, but your website is specifically designed for a particular country, choosing country specific extension will be more beneficial. For the starter who wishes to set-up the website at a lower rate could find .net domain quite competitive.

Find domain name by Niche

Nowadays, Niche specific domains are in trends for small business or niche blogger. Here is some example for niche specific domain names,,

Choosing a domain name has become tough task. Thanks to the online domain name generator tools now one can easily track the availability of the domain name. Make a list of few domain names, check the availability of the Domain names and select wisely.

There are various free domain name generator tools, here you can easily check the availability of the domain name and could also get more suggestions regarding domain names.

Here are some popular Domain Name Generator tools:- 

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The domain name is one of those entities of the online business world that remain unchanged throughout the online business span, changing the domain name is like establishing a new business that is why it is suggested to choose a domain name wisely. It should represent your business to the fullest.

Once you have decided your domain, your next step should be to register it to the earliest, the online world is expanding with tremendous speed, book your domain name before someone else grab it and laid building block of your business.

Where to check availability of the domain name?

There are few online platforms that could help you in checking the availability of the domain name. You can get suggestion regarding domain name as well. Name cheap is one of my fevorite domain name finder website that could help you in deciding your domain name:

Type the domain name you wish to secure for your website in a search box and you will instantly get the result.

Namechap Find Doamin Name

whether the domain is free or taken. You can also book the domain via Instant Domain Search and could avail discount on Bluehost hosting plan or Hostgator web hosting. Instant Domain does not keep any record of the searches made by the user. Feel free to use the website for checking the availability of the domain name. The best thing with Name Cheap is you can search domain name availability in bulk. It will save your time.

Here is after search result:

Namechap Find Doamin Name Result

It is a one point solution for Search, look up, check, select, reserve, purchase, register, transfer, renew, protect, and / or monitor domain names. Enter the domain name along with the domain and check whether the name and domain is free for you or not n few seconds.

Here are some of good websites for check domain availability:-

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Search, Find domain name and book .com,.Org, .edu, .Biz or.Net domain along with domain name and take your first step towards the online world.

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In the next blog post we will discuss how selecting a right hosting plan could help you in running and managing your blog easily. Till then stay safe.

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How to Engage Your Website Visitors With Customized Messages

Setting up personalized messages that target the visitors to your website is a smart move. By reaching out to them, you will stand out as a brand that takes care of the experience of its visitors and wants to provide them with as much assistance as possible.



Customer engagement may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about chat, but chat has become a critical communication tool today.

Companies are now using live chat in proactive ways to approach customers and offer help while they are browsing their website. It works similarly to a sales assistant at the store – once the customer enters a shop, they will always be greeted and asked whether they need help.

That way, customers know that they can reach out to the sales assistant if they have any questions. Moreover, after the customer spends some time in the store, it is natural to offer assistance because they might need help and are more likely to accept it.

That's how chat works on websites.

Chat applications allow organizations to make the most of the information about customer behavior, geographical location, or the page they are visiting to start a contextualized conversation that brings results. If used skillfully by a well-trained team, chat applications may help you create extremely positive relationship with your customers, and see more and more of potential customers coming to your website.

Here are some excellent reasons why you need a customized chat on your website:

  • Higher conversion – customized greetings that start chats with visitors help to engage and convert them. Visitors invited to chat are 3 times more likely to turn into customers. 61% of these customers will convert within the first chat.

  • You can follow the customer journey and offer contextual help without having to observe customers' behavior all the time – smart chats apps offer sophisticated website monitoring features and constantly analyze visitor information to help create messages that are relevant and contextualized. Even if you're not in front of your computer, you can be sure that customers will be greeted and offered help.

  • Customized messages deliver personalized help that brings higher customer satisfaction – personalized greetings for customers that directly relate to their previous actions on your website or information you have about them work wonders.

Now that you know why customized messages are so important for your website's user experience, here are some examples of messages you can use to start chatting with your visitors.

Starting a conversation

Companies usually start their work with customized messages by setting up automated greetings that start a chat with visitors. In most cases, such greetings are displayed after a visitor spends around 30 seconds on a website.

But to make the most of these automated messages, it's a good idea to greet visitors at the right moment with a message that relates to what they are viewing on the website. That way, you will encourage them to start chatting with you.

For example, visitors who are looking through your product pages could receive the following greeting: 'Do you see anything you like? We're here for you if you've got any questions about our products.'

Another good occasion to start a chat is when you notice that the customer spends time on your website without taking any action. Start chatting with them in real time to see whether they need any extra information or help with placing the order. By initiating the chat, you will be helping them start the conversation.

Start chatting on the pricing page

Visitors who spend a lot of time on your pricing page might be considering a purchase, but they're not sure which option is best for them. If they abandon your page at this time, the chances are high that they will never come back.

That's why you should reach out to them at this moment and help solve their doubts. Otherwise, you will be missing out on an important opportunity for conversion. All it takes is sending a message like 'Hello, please let me know whether you've got any questions about our pricing.'

Get the chat going on contact pages

It makes sense that customers who open your 'Contact us' page wants to get in touch with you. So why not reach out to them first? You can set up a message like 'Hello, you can always reach out to us in this chat if you prefer typing to talking on the phone.' That type of greeting will pay off in more exceptional user experience on your website.

Here's how to engage returning visitors

Another important use of customized messages is for re-engaging visitors who are returning to your website, essential for customer retention. That type of greeting will help visitors to remember you and engage with your brand better.

You can write a message like ' Hello, welcome back to our website. If you got any questions, we are here for you.' If you notice that the customer visits the same page with a specific product, you can create an even more creative and personalized message, for example: 'Still not sure whether this product works for you? Drop us a line here; we'll be happy to help you out.'

Use messages to reduce cart abandonment

If you run an online store, cart abandonment is probably one of the most severe problems you encounter. Customized messages help to reduce the cart abandonment rate significantly. All it takes is starting a chat and offering guidance to visitors throughout the process of placing an order or filling out a form. By reaching out to them, you will motivate visitors to complete the process or offer them a convenient place to ask further questions before they finish their task.

Setting up personalized messages that target the visitors to your website is a smart move. By reaching out to them, you will stand out as a brand that takes care of the experience of its visitors and wants to provide them with as much assistance as possible.

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5 Great Technology & Smartphone Blogs to Read!

If you love smartphones & like to keep up with what’s happening in the world of android &mobile phones in general, we have made a collection of 5 great smartphone blogs, you should be reading right now.



Technology & Smartphone blogs

These days, some of the best smartphones with 4g in India are available in the market and it is simply a great time to be living in. The internet is a wonderful place & there is no dearth of incredible smartphone blogs that track iPhones, Android devices, BlackBerries and other smartphones. If you love smartphones & like to keep up with what’s happening in the world of android & mobile phones in general, we have made a collection of 5 great technology and smartphone blogs, (in no particular order) you should be reading right now.

1. Hootsuite

The place you need to head to for all things technical. Hootsuite Development is like taking a sneak peek into Hootsuite’s cutting edge technology, brilliant developers & the challenges that they face. For android fans & developers, the archives are just pure gold. They’re full of tips and tricks to make android development much simpler. Whether you’re a developer or just a fan, it’s a great blog, period.

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Must Read Articles and Resources for Startups:

How to Find Domain Name for Business

Best Website Hosting Service for Small Business

Hostgator Web Hosting Discount Offers

Competitor Research and Analysis Tools

CDN Service offer by MaxCDN


2. Know Your Cell

We love this site for the truckloads of information available on the latest mobile apps, carrier offerings & devices that can be paired. The How to blogs are the real deal folks: you need to get involved with those! It has a news site kind of feel that makes it buzz.

3. Barack Obama's BlackBerry's Blog

If there ever was a medal for the best title awarded for a technology blog, it would have to be this one. This strongly anti-Obama blog is quite political but given the presidential elections due, this is a great time to get into this blog!

4. TechnoBuffalo

“Immerse yourself in technology” quite literally! Thanks to some amazing posts about Android, TechnoBuffalo is for the Android technology lovers. There are countless app, smartphone, and device news and reviews on offer.

5. AppleInsider

Not only is the blog section of AppleInsider pretty amazing, it is just a great website that you should visit frequently if you are a technology nerd. Even though the blog section doesn’t update as frequently as a hard core technology blog from the dungeons, it has some interesting things to talk about like Steve Jobs whereabouts, Mac and iTunes coverage & other stuff that is not related to the iPhone.

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How to Choose Best Website Hosting for Small Business



best website hosting for small business

Before choosing a website hosting for small business, first, try to understand how selecting the best website hosting provider could help you in building your business with ease. This post is created to help the small business owner in understanding, how selecting the best website hosting service provider could help them at various levels.

The internet is one of the most important modes of communication that has been driving the business to a great extent. Reliable web hosting services are essential for people, however, it should not cost a bomb. People with the limited budget can opt for shared hosting since dedicated hosting is quite expensive due to the allocation of massive bandwidth on the server.

Know how to finalizing the website hosting provider for your business.

Understanding the web hosting requirements of your business:

Selection of a website hosting plan depends on the business requirements of the customers. If the website uses to display content for personal uses, a free hosting plan would be an ideal choice. Companies launching eCommerce websites or travel and financial blogs to earn money online can choose a better hosting plan albeit at a higher price.

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Improve conversion rates with a faster site on WP Engine. 20% off your 1st payment! Monthly & Annual plans. Coupon: SPEEDUP . Sign Up Now

A basic hosting service should have the capacity to incorporate 1 domains, numerous email accounts, webmail services, and auto script installations. Some companies also provide 5GB storage and 100 GB data transfer. PHP and MYSQL support are necessary for a website hosting plan as it provides cost-effective means of managing the website. After the sale, technical support should be available to the customers to solve the problems that might occur while accessing the website.

Must Read: How to Find a Domain Name Easily For Your Business

Availability of the site builder application:

Some companies offer Website hosting packages along with free website builder software that could be used to create websites on a fly even if the customer is not proficient in programming. People should exercise caution because website builders tend to work only on the servers of a particular vendor. If the site is moved to another host, the codes would have to be written from scratch.

Presence of tools:

The basic website hosting plan should include CPANEL and that allow users to create blogs and forums by providing simple instructions. They are very useful for smaller sites, but corporate websites have different requirements. CPANEL plays a vital role in adding or deleting module of the website without the interference of the developers.

File uploading method:

A good quality website hosting plan will deploy FTP as a tool to upload videos and images on the web link since it is faster as compared to the online manager which is a conventional application.

Analyzing the user traffic:

The success of a website is measured by the amount of the user traffic to the website. A web hosting provider should provide useful tools to record the number of website logs.

Moreover, extra space should be available in the hosting plan if the website achieves further growth. Some companies make tall claims about the availability of more than 20 GB space, but in hindsight, they know that the majority of websites use only a fraction of the total capacity.

Therefore, the declaration is not authentic and the facts could be put to test if the website expands.

Ping the domain name to measure speed:

Upload speed is very important to check the performance of the hosting plan. It is possible to measure the bandwidth of the data transfer by using the ping command that will provide information about the number of data packets transferred from the client machine to the server.

Here are some Tools to check website speed:

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Now, you are able to know about your requirement and you can select the best website hosting for your small business and make it big by choosing right website hosting service provider.

Here are some recommended best website hosting service provider for small business owner .

Hostgator Website hosting Plans

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Hostgator Website Hosting For Small Business
Shared Hosting :        Starting From $3.95 Per Month   Sign Up Here
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  • EASY Control Panel
  • 1-CLICK Script Installs
  • $100 Google AdWords Offer
  • $100 Yahoo!/Bing Credit
  • 4,500 Free Website Templates
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support


Other Web Hosting Services by Hostgator:-

WordPress Hosting:  Starting From $5.95 Per Month   Get Details or Sign Up Here

VPS Hosting:               Starting From $19.95 Per Month   Get Details or Sign Up Here

Dedicated Hosting:    Starting From $76.56 Per Month   Get Details or Sign Up Here

WP Engine Website Hosting Plan

[wpsm_titlebox title="Web Hosting Services By WP Engine" style="3"]

Whether you are setting up a personal blog or an intricate and complex multi-site for your brand, WP Engine® makes managed WordPress hosting a snap. No matter what your requirements, we can scale to meet them. Simply grab one of the sliders below to get started.

Web Hosting Services offer by WP Engine

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  • Personal Web Hosting Service

Personal Website Hosting For Small Business

  • Professional Web Hosting Service

Professional Website Hosting For Small Business

  • Business Web Hosting Services

Business Website Hosting For Small Business



If you liked this blog post, Please share this with your friends and share your comments on the topic in the comment box below. If I missed anything or you have any suggestion, You can mail me also . I love to hear from you. Happy reading! Have a great day!

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