November 25, 2020
Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch

Galaxy Gear: Smartwatch From Samsung – Features Leaked

On the September 4th this year, it’s going to be a launch of a revolutionary gadget by the Korean giants of the industry: none other than- Samsung. It’s known as Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch. Recently, the Samsung Mobile’s Executive Vice President- Lee Young-hee confirmed the released date. The occasion will be IFA fair of consumer electronics at Berlin. However, the official announcements regarding the features of this cool gadget have not done, yet by the makers. Well, gadget freaks of around the world are so much excited to know the features that this amazing gadget going to offer them. Since, the images of this concept device is out on the internet and only news from the officials is that it will run on the Android OS. However, these two information were enough to ignite the buzz; and keep them guessing about it.

Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch

 Nonetheless electronic gadget lover, we have some really exciting details about this much awaited Samsung Smartwatch, for you only. Some reliable sources have leaked the exclusive features of Galaxy gear Smartwatch, for us. So, here you go:

Rigid screen with 320x320 pixels display: First, the rumors about smartwatch for having the flexible screen came out to be false. The 1.67 inches screen is absolutely rigid, but it has an AMOLED display of 320x320 pixels. So, you must be ready for a sharp display, even with such a tiny screen.

OS and RAM: it is almost confirmed that galaxy gear smartwatch will be based on the android operating system, but the exact version of the OS is still not confirmed. Well, we are expecting a new and customized version, especially forthis small gadget. Even the small sized and classy looking watch will have at least a 1GB RAM, for sure. So, watch out for this when this small gadget will do the tasks in fractions of a second. It has been also reported that Samsung uses the Exynos 4212 chipset in the smartwatches.

Well, the android platform will allow the watch to make and receive calls; send and receive emails, as well as texts (SMS), and of course to access the internet. RAM and external memory will be there in the smartwatch, which will allow the users to store the data in it.

Camera: Yes, this tiny gadget is also able to take the snaps. Well, the quality of the camera won’t be too much impressive, but still you are going to get a 2 MP camera in the smartwatch. With Samsung, even the 2 mega pixel camera would be good, as we all are aware about the quality of camera by the Korean electronic brand.

The screen of galaxy gear smartwatch by Samsung would be controlled through a small panel by using keys. These keys are similar to the ones that Samsung provide with its Galaxy handsets. Well, there is no conformation about the exact retail price of the smartwatch. For that, we have to wait for the official launch of this gadget at Berlin.

If you search on the internet, you will be able to find latest leaked information about it. It has been noticed that people have been waiting for this gadget. Samsung has always come up with the latest technical devices after doing intensive research about the customer’s opinions. It is recommended to keep checking the review sites for a detailed overview on this amazing gadget so that you do not miss out on any opportunity to enjoy the incredible features of a Smartphone. Customers from different parts of the globe have their eye on the honest reviews of users once it will be live in the market.

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