July 3, 2022
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Getting the New News Feed on Facebook

Facebook is the best social networking website in the world. Currently there are hundreds of millions of Facebook users from all over the world. Facebook keeps reinventing itself all the time. They keep changing the design of various aspects of the website to keep it modern as well as with the times. Another motive to keep making changes and redesign various Facebook features is to make the Facebook profile more user friendly for the users. Since Facebook started in 2004 they have continuously redesigned the website and features on user profile which has helped maintain the number one status of the website in the social networking industry.

Facebook News Feed   Facebook

The latest redesign is for the News Feed on your Facebook account. Facebook has redesigned the News Feed section of the Facebook account and has introduced a new look version of the news feed. The new News Feed allows you to focus on stories from your friends and there will be options available to filter the stories.

The News Feed will now appear same on different devices like phones, tablets and Personal Computers. You will be able to see the same view irrespective of which device you are using. All the Facebook users will slowly get the new version of the Facebook in the next few weeks.

But many people also love to get newer versions of Facebook features as soon they are out. So Facebook will not make you wait for the new version of its News Feed. If you want the new version of the News Feed all you have to do is log on to your Facebook account and follow the following steps:

  • First you have to Sign in into your Facebook Account
  • Second Step is to go on facebook.com/about/newsfeed
  • Third step is to click on the green button that says “Join Waiting List”

Facebook News Feed Facebook

When you do this you will not get the new version of the newsfeed immediately. You will join the waiting list and then get the new version of the Facebook Newsfeed faster and earlier than you would have, if you had not chosen this option. Exactly when one will get the new newsfeed is not yet certain.

Facebook by updating and redesigning its features always tries and stays ahead of the trend. These redesigns over the years have resulted in the current Facebook version and Facebook will keep redesigning and updating its features to make it more interesting.

Vivek Singh Tomar is a digital marketing professional & founder of techywhack.com. You can follow him on Google+.