April 1, 2020

How To Decide Whether To Buy A Chromebook Or A Laptop

These days there is a lot of buzz around chromebooks in market. One potential reason could be they are well priced and do not cause a hole in the pocket. Before buying one needs to understand why choose chromebook over laptop. These are perfect devices if one needs it for browsing, emailing, social networking and music play. It is not limited to only these 4 things and one can work on anything that is available online. I’m not sure if one should even compare it to laptops. I think it should be compared to a tablet without calling feature. This device can be used in lot more ways than a tablet. For example working on spreadsheets or making presentation is tedious on tablets but on this device it is as convenient as on a laptop.


This device perfectly bridges the gap between a tablet and a laptop. It seems like a combination of both to me. It comes in various screen sizes, has a keyboard just like a laptop, it’s portable and easy to carry around and performs all the functions online. It runs on Chrome browser and comes with 20 inbuilt apps. To analyze whether one should choose a chromebook over a laptop lets evaluate its Pros and Cons.


  • Chromebook’s biggest advantage is its portability. It is light weight and can go upto 9-10 hours after a single charge.
  • Cost effectiveness. They are priced at about $179 to $300. This should fit in anyone’s budget.
  • No threat of losing data. Even if someone looses their chromebook, all the data is stored on cloud storage so user can log in from any device to retrieve the data.
  • It’s fast processing speed at this price is its USP.
  • It offers a distinguish keyboard designed specifically for browsing. For example one would not find a caps lock button; this is replaced with a search button which is more useful for web browsing.
  • Seamless syncing of Google Apps. One can now work on these apps offline while data get’s in sync in internet range automatically.
  • Security wise it is one of the most secured devices. Verified boot ensures that the data hasn’t been tampered. One can also opt for two step authentication option, this will another layer of security.


  • Chromebook’s usage is limited without internet connection.
  • Matter of fact it does not have a huge built in HDD one cannot install different softwares.
  • This cannot be used for heavy multimedia purposes. For example one cannot edit, design graphics etc as storage on this device does not support these heavy softwares. On this device one can do multimedia editing only online.
  • Chromebook is not the device if you like gaming. Online games or games through apps are the only ones that are supported on it.
  • No optical drive. Chromebook does not have a drive for CD and DVDs.
  • Limited models available in the market. Lack in variants.

This device is not designed to suite everyone’s need but the ones who spend considerable time on web browsing and use Google apps this device is a steal. This should be a good choice for working professional who do not need too many softwares on their systems to work and cloud computing is what they believe in. This should also be a good option for students. HP is one of the brands that are currently offering chromebooks. Built quality of HP laptop has carved a mark for themselves it’s the beginning for Chromebook. HP Chromebook is available in 2 screen variants and 3 models. These models are listed below:

  • HP Chromebook 11 1101US: 11 inches screen size variant.
  • HP Chromebook 14 Q001TU: 14 inches screen size with 16 GB SSD.
  • HP 14 Q003TU Chromebook: 14 inches screen size variant.

She is a tech enthusiast and currently works with FindYogi.com – a buying decision making platform for consumer electronics.