May 27, 2022

Install Viber on your Smartphone for Free Calling and Messaging Service

The utility of the Smartphone is largely decided by its compatibility with the apps. The mobile app world offers a wide range of applications to make your phone more useful and your life a lot easier and interesting.

There was a time when dialling an international call was highly expensive and people think twice before calling their loved ones residing abroad. The high charges of SMS and expensive call rate control the usage of the mobile phone, but thanks the to the technology now market offer  various free messaging and calling apps just download it on your Smartphone and make your life a lot easier. Such apps have proven highly beneficial for the students and for those who live away from their home.  Now you can call your loved ones anytime and can talk as long as you want without worrying about your phone bill.

viber Free Calling and Messaging Service

There are various apps available on the mobile app world, but when it comes to choosing the call and chat apps that work flawlessly on different Smartphone devices, Viber emerge as the popular choice. Viber is one of the most popular calling and text app or android and iOS users. Viber Available on the Google Play Store and Apple store, you can easily install it on your device. The app support audio as well as a video call.

To enjoy the services of Viber, install the app on your Smartphone, follow the setting up procedure, enter your number and name, verify the app on your device and connect it with your contact list. This will allow you to find the other contact list people who are using Viber.  You can invite your friends to use Viber.

Messaging feature

The messaging function allows a user to send text, small video clips, audio files and pictures stroked on the phone. You can even record audio on the messaging platform and send it to the chat participant. You can turn on / turn off your geographical location while messaging. The chat platform also notifies about the delivery and seen on the last delivered message. One can start a group chat on Viber as well. You can make messaging more interesting with stickers. Customize your chat screen with different themes.

Calling Feature

Calling on Viber is as easy as sending text messages. Viber allows you to call another Viber user free. You can even call on different mobile operators at a lower price though this feature is available in a few countries only. You can call from the contact list or dial using the dial pad. The clear and consistent voice quality makes it a delight for the caller. Make local calls or international calls, short call or log calls; the app will take away all your worries. However, the quality of the video call is rather poor, but it is one of the finest calling apps for the Smartphone.

All you need is Smartphone, the app run successfully on iOS, Androids as well as on Windows device and fast and stable internet connection, minimum3G is recommended for the voice call.


This app has all the features to make your mobile phone a perfect smart device. Overall a good app, install it and enjoy free calling and chatting.

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  1. Charlie

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  2. Aanya Rajput

    Viber is a great app for free calling but I think the amount of data it uses in 1 minute of call is high enough as compared to the WhatsApp which recently got the Calling feature embedded to it.