April 13, 2021

JIAKE I9500W – Smartphone Exquisiteness Alert

One of the most prominent features about a gadget should be that it should best satisfy a person’s digital needs in terms of surfing the internet, playing games, processing applications, documents uploading and transferring and even for the sake of enjoyment and pleasure. It should exemplify and make it easy for the users to choose from whatever they want to do and run the process smoothly and conveniently.



Now days, most of the gadgets are presented very beautifully and stylistically but from the inside, most of them are accused of being not working or processing properly. It is rather important that while constituting a product, one should keep in mind that no matter how much beautiful and sleek the design and external look is, it should have the capability to process the applications at pace and on time. But if, the gadget fails to do so it means that the quality of features and specifications instilled is not enough and that it is unable to process large and particularly heavy applications.

JIAKE Feature

With the invention of the JIAKE I9500W smartphone, it is intimidated that yet another useful and reliable smartphone is established that best caters the customer’s needs and hence delivers the processing of the applications and other functionalities in the smoothest and most convenient way possible. The overall size of the phone commits itself to be used as a tablet as well eventually making it a phablet.

JIAKE I9500W Camera

Features instilled in JIAKE I9500W

The eminent features of JIAKE I9500W way pass some of the best mobiles introduced by famous brands. Although JIAKE I9500W might be a unlikely choice to make for a person who uses other known brands but giving it a try is definitely worth it. Following are some of the extraordinary features of this product: (http://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_6160.html)

  • Android 4.2 operating system possessing 1.2GHz dual core processor
  • RAM of 512MB and storage capacity of almost 4GB
  • Allows external memory of about 8GB
  • Supports wifi and wireless connectivity
  • Screen resolution of about 854 x 480
  • Also instills upon it front and back cameras of about 2.0MP
  • Microphone, headphones, usb connectivity ports and external memory card slot
  • The applications and games can be downloaded through Google play store or the android market installed in the phone
  •  The phone processes and works upon 2 lithium batteries
  • The outer structure and display is meticulous and hence illustrates itself to be on a competitive level next to other famous brands
  • The external look is mostly inspired by the Samsung galaxy phones and hence is more appealing delivering the same inner processing structure and same keys to process functions and applications


Several customers who have tried out the product were stunned to belief to see it functioning exactly at the same pace and clarity as any other known brand and have given extremely positive reviews saying in terms of switching connections it proved to be very reliable. Overall the performance and the execution lead to giving thumbs up to the product.

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