January 20, 2022
Any.do To-do List & Task List

Keep On Top Of Your To-Do Issues With These Awesome Android Apps!

A good project manager needs access to the best tools at all times. Just imagine trying to keep  track of a project that has over 200 tasks running simultaneously? It happens, and the only way to keep abreast of such a hectic schedule is to have some super ‘To-Do’ lists onboard. There have been some pretty cool Smartphone Apps that have taken the strain quite admirably, Astrid was one of the best to date. But sadly, Astrid has been pulled back from the Android Smartphone table recently and left a fairly large hole as a result. This article looks at a couple of possible replacements that promise to do their best for all project teams out there. Here they are, with an unbiased set of reviews for your perusal – Enjoy!

Tasks by Bitspin - $2


Whilst it is true that some project management tools need as many complex features as possible, the reverse is also true in some cases. Tasks offers a very straightforward approach to the ‘To-Do’ option. It shuns the over complicated example in favour for a workman-like set of features. This allows the user a far more visible interface and this favours the Smartphone usability factors very well indeed. The real beauty of Tasks is the way that it syncs up nicely to Google Tasks with no effort at all. You can manipulate the contents to add due dates and sync up effortlessly with multiple Google accounts. You’ll get a sweet home screen widget and a myriad of different themes to play with as you wish. Lovers of Google Calendar’s task list approach will be right at home with Tasks. There is a free and a paid version on offer, the main difference is the ad-supported option. If you can let this slight annoyance slide, you may as well roll with the freebie.

Any Do -  To-Do List & Task List

Any.do To-do List & Task List

Our second Android project management App is a very cool piece of software that will sync up with Astrid nicely. If you are anxious to copy your tasks from the soon to be defunct App to Any Do, it will be a piece of cake. Any Do is a very sweet looking App that divides your ‘To-Do’ list into 4 main categories, and it all makes perfect sense. Although this approach may seem a little basic, it works a treat and users everywhere have fallen in love with this worthy successor. One of the coolest aspects of Any Do, is the way it deals with contextual suggestions. As you type in a task, the App offers the option of autocomplete, but only if you agree. When your task involves contacting someone, the App will bring up your contact list automatically, really cool! It also supports Google Tasks and Google Calendar is another useful option available. Is this the ‘New Astrid’? Well, that is the big question but early reviews suggest that this bad boy could be even better!

Anything Left To Do?   

Android Apps have certainly earned their place in the project management hall of fame, so grab these two beauties whilst they are still free!

The author of this post is Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Procept Consulting, providers of PMP certification in Toronto. An avid basketball fan, Nancy idolizes Michael Jordan. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.