May 28, 2020
Chromebook Pixel by Google

Latest and Unique Chromebook Pixel by Google

With the continuous flow of rumors regarding the appearance of Google built Chrome operating system based touch screen laptop, it’s launching is is assumed to be very soon. Apparently, the device had been launched officially launched. Named as 'Chromebook Pixel' and designed by Google, the laptop is the foremost high-end Chrome laptop in the entire globe.

Chromebook Pixel by Google

Chromebook Pixel features a touch display of 30.4-cm (12.9-inch) has a resolution of 2560x1700p. Running on Chrome OS, the device is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor, together with 4 GB RAM and battery with a five hour backup. According to Google, the device is also going to include other regular alternatives like USB 2.0 ports, Mini Display Port, 3.5mm earphone jack, SD card slot, WI-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, and HD webcam.
With each Chromebook Pixel purchase, Google has also decided to add 1 TB Google Drive storage free for up to three years. The company is presenting a duo of a version of Pixel, one with just WI-Fi connectivity and other with LTE support. The pricing of WI-Fi one is about $1,299 and available on Google Play in US and UK while the LTE version priced at $1,449 will be sold from April.

A look at the Chromebook Pixel exhibits Google’s experiment to fight with the hard wearing like MacBook Pro and Air from Apple even supposing they do not have touch-enabled display. Also on the radar also possess the touch-enabled Windows 8 based gadgets which are presented by big names such as HP, Sony, Lenovo and others.

Specifications exhibited by the Chromebook:

  • 30.4-cm (12.9-inch) touch screen
  • Chrome Operating system
  • Intel i5 processor, 4 GB RAM
  • HD camera
  • WI-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, SD card slot

Exclusively built by Google, the Chromebook Pixel is known to run on its Chrome operating system software and breathe up to its billing. It declares to put forward the highest pixel density of any PC available out there in the market. In fact, analysts are observing the launch of the Chromebook Pixel by the company as a step ahead to the creation of market share against prevailing competitors such as Apple and Microsoft. The release of the Chromebook Pixel very well reflects the shift of major players towards tablets. The introduction of touch-oriented OS, Surface and Windows 8, and tablet by the IT giant, Microsoft and Apple is relying a large amount on its iPad business are also a part of this shift, according to analysts.

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