July 6, 2020
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My Photo Gifts Review

My Photo Gifts

My Photo Gifts is an online selling company that sells personalized mugs and photo cases. They have a wide range of products available and they also offer customized products which are delivered directly to you. My photo gift has a wide range of products. It is a great gifting option and gifting personalized mugs and phone cases to your family or friends is a very thoughtful and special gift idea. These mugs and phone cases are very useful and are perfect gift options for various occasions like a promotion or a birthday. They are great items that you can buy for yourself and your family member as they are useful and not generic in nature. The company manufactures the mugs at high quality and the mugs are dishwasher safe.

Personalized Mugs and Phone Cases

You can customize your mugs by writing special messages on the mugs and also having photos and designs printed on the mugs and phone cases.

Personalised mugs   Photo Mugs   Customised Mugs   Picture Mugs

The different types of product range available at My Photo Gifts are Photo mugs, Birthday mugs, Keep calm and Carry on Mugs and similar range for phone cases. The photo mugs and phone cases can have personal photos printed on the mugs and phone cases. The “keep calm and carry on” is a famous saying and helps people especially while drinking coffee before going to work in the morning. So these types of mugs and phone cases are popular with the customers. Special birthday mugs and phone cases with customized design photos and messages are also available.

The Simple Process

My Photo Gifts has a free app on iPhone. All you have to do is download the free “photo mug apps” or “phone case app” depending on whether you want to buy a mug or a phone case. For buying mugs on this website, the customer has to downloaded the app, click a photo on the iPhone or select the photo from photo library on the iPhone. The customer can also select the format, color effect and write personal text or message in different fonts and colors. Once the customer is satisfied by the end product you can simply add the product to the shopping basket. It is a similar process to buy phone cases, only difference is the customer has to also specify which iPhone or iPad model phone case they need, the design and color of the phone cases or they want it in black or white color.

Payment and Delivery

The payment is simple and secure. The customers can pay through their iPhones itself using either credit or debit card payment. The payment takes place through secure PayPal merchant facility. The delivery is sent out at 2 pm every day. Most of the customers receive their mugs or phone cases within 24 hours. However if the customer wants a guaranteed delivery within 24 hours they have to pay a little extra money for it.
My Photo Gift is an online selling company which has a great gifting concept and idea and it is easy to buy its products through iPhones.

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