October 15, 2021

One Stop Shop for Commercial Property Owners in Mumbai

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Jagaha.com is Mumbai’s first dedicated commercial real estate platform. The company started its operations in 2015 with an aim to enhance the commercial real estate market experience by bringing transparency and efficiency through technology and customer service. Today, it's a trusted site used by property hunters, developers, and landlords for office spaces, commercial buildings, shops, showrooms, restaurants and co-working spaces in Mumbai.

The portal primarily specializes in the sale and rent of commercial properties located in Mumbai metropolitan regions such as Mumbai, Thane, and Navi Mumbai. With more than 12,000 property listings, it has the largest inventory of commercial properties in Mumbai.

Jagaha.com provides a holistic bouquet of services, right from searching to closing the deals. The key factor that sets this site apart is its free ‘in-person’ inspection of every commercial real estate property before listing. It sends its team of qualified property experts who conduct a thorough inspection of the property, capture photos and shoot videos to provide detailed, verified information to the property seekers. The videos of every property are uploaded on the official YouTube channel of the portal. Once done, the Jagaha.com team creates a dedicated URL for the property with its own tailor written description.

It is the only Indian real estate portal where users can search by filtering via the carpet area which avoids encountering the follies usually associated with the built-up area specifications. It also has the mapping functionality enabling users to search properties accurately on Google’s map.

Jagaha.com not only is a premier real estate portal for property hunters, but also for property landlords and developers who want to put it for sale or rent. It not only lists their properties but also provides maximum exposure, online and offline. The firm also acts as their sole point of contact in handling the daily inquires.

Currently, the portal handles over 1,500 realtor requirements in the Mumbai commercial space every month and conducts more than 100 different inspections a month through its expansive network of over 2000 realtors in Mumbai. It also has its own team to address client inquiries, which result in about 40 inspections per month.

Jagaha.com is aptly fulfilling the commercial property needs and objectives in the Indian market.
About Jagaha.com

Jagaha was founded and is based in Mumbai, India and specializes in retail & office properties in Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai. Jagaha is Mumbai’s first dedicated commercial real estate website whose mission is to improve the Mumbai commercial real estate market experience from start to finish by providing transparency and improving efficiency via customer service and technology.

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