May 27, 2022
PicNut App Review

PicNut App Review: Share Pictures And Videos Privately With Friends

PicNut App Review: 

Stuck by the hasels of photo sharing with friends and family after a major event, family function or an eventful holiday? Worry no more! With PicNut App you can easily create albums and add relevant pictures to it. These albums can then be shared privately with your select group of friends and family by simply toggling with the innumerable settings the application provides. You can also let friends contribute to the album creating a concise record of all the images clicked during a particular holiday, outing or ceremony by simply selecting that option.

PicNut App Review

PicNut App Features:

  • Easy Invitation: PicNut facilitates photo sharing through phonebook contacts making it easy to sync and invite friends to view and contribute to the album
  • Admin Controls: PicNut has many settings allowing the owner of a collection to restrict and give permissions to other people who are invited to join a particular collection. The user can restrict particular users from adding to the collection, or saving the collection through these settings
  • Privacy: Some technologies work on the premise that the user syncs their entire camera roll’s items to the server of the service provider. PicNut does not work in the same manner. It only accesses the actual photos the user authorizes, it does not sync entire camera rolls
  • Auto Add: PicNut has a unique option of Auto Add. Whenever a new person joins the collection, the application shows photos on the newly added members phone that were from the event (based on start and end times) so that they can auto add them to the album
  • Auto Save: PicNut can also auto save if each collection is synced to the user’s personal cloud storage account

As per my opinion, PicNut is the perfect way to save memories that can be accessed at a click of a button, at any time and any place without blocking the space on the user’s phone memory. It can be downloaded free of cost on all Apple and Android phones.

PicNut App iTunes Download:

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Download and try it. You can share your views in comment section or send directly at . I'll add your views as a testimonial with you name.


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