October 15, 2021

How to protect your IP address from hackers?

It is easy to count the benefits and advantages of the internet and the best advantage offered by the internet is the accessibility and connectivity. Whether you wish to browse any website, send mail or wish to upload any document, it is the connectivity of the internet that allows you to access the virtual world anytime anywhere. But the virtual world is not perfectly safe or rather say designed to keep your privacy intact.  Even the paid and trusted internet service provider, spammer, hackers and scammer are always vigilant to track all the activity made by the user on the web world.

Protect your IP Address

When we are connected to the internet, the home PC is assigned a public IP address. When a user browses any website or portal the public IP address of the system is recorded in log files on the server and these log files could allow the snooper to get access to your IP address. In simpler term we can say the IP address of your computer are like real address and if it is in wrong hand, they might intrude on and get access to files and folders that you wish to keep away from them.

There are various ways and reasons people prefer to protect their IP address. Activating Windows firewall is one of the easiest ways to protect your system from illegitimate access.

Avoid clicking on the link that offer free computer scan, is anther easy trap designed by hackers to get into the system.  Few of these service providers use key loggers and they could get access to your email id and password.

By downloading and installing Hide IP address software, you can easily mask or change your IP address. There is software of both categories free as well as premium. You can download a free version initially to understand and get familiar with the software. Once you find it useful and worth buying, you can buy paid version providing stronger security and better features.

How it works?

Every time a user access the internet by opting hides my IP address, the software will generate new IP to mask your original IP address. So if the hackers would try to trail your computer by your recent internet activity, they could not locate the system. This service greatly improves online security and privacy of the individual. Installing such apps or software become more necessary if the computer is the part of group network or if it use public Wi-Fi for accessing the internet.

The easiest way to protect your IP is to browse websites anonymously. First and foremost, never ever share your IP address with anyone. Your IP address could give anyone an entry key to your system. Make your online safety, stronger with the right apps and tools and explore the online world wisely. Hotspot Shield offers reliable security service to its users. Get hotspot shield to hide your IP address and browse safely.

Don’t let the vulnerability of online security spoil your experience at virtual world, use hotspot shield VPN for hiding your IP address and explore the internet safely, without leaving any trail behind.

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