July 3, 2022

PST Converter Review: Export Outlook PST File into Multiple Formats

PST Converter Review

MS Outlook application is a widely used email applications and many users find this application quite promising and efficient. But at the same time they want to access the emails in other platforms for their own requirements. This needs a conversion of items from the Outlook PST file to other formats. PST Converter fulfills this need by providing conversion to multiple formats. This software application is designed to perform the conversion of Outlook storage file PST to other file formats like; MSG, EML, PDF and vCard. The product is an intellectual effort for acquiring conversion and is capable enough. The segment below will review of PST Converter based on various parameters.

PST Converter Review: Technical Specifications

Product Name: PST Converter software
Latest Version: 2.0
Basic Function: Conversion of Email Data from Outlook PST
Full Version Size: 18.1 MB
Processor: 1 GHz Processor
RAM: 512 MB (1 GB recommended)
Hard Disk: 20 MB
Pricing: $49
Windows OS Support: All Windows versions
MS Outlook Support: All Outlook versions

PST Converter Review – Software Working

Step 1: Download and install the software successfully and launch the tool.
Step 2: Click on Add File in order to add the Outlook PST file to the software. Make sure that the file is copied and you are adding its copy.

PST Converter Review

Step 3: This will pop-up another window where you can click on Browse in order to navigate to the PST file location.

PST Converter Review

Step 4: Check the option of Advance Scan if the file is damaged or corrupted.
Step 5: The click Add File option.
Step 6: PST Converter will start the scanning of the PST file as soon as the file is added showing the report of scanning simultaneously. Click Ok as it is done.
Step 7: Outlook PST file data will be available in the display for previewing it. Left pane shows the list of folders and the right pane will show the items of that particular file chosen listed with the attributes of items.

PST Converter Review

Step 8: Individual email can be viewed in various views like: Normal Mail View, Properties View, Hex View, Message View, MIME View, HTML, etc.

PST Converter Review

Step 9: The click on Export in order to export the email data to other file formats. This will pop-up another window with multiple Export Options like: EML, MSG, PDF, and vCard. The format for which conversion has to be done can be selected here.

PST Converter Review

Step 10: Email date filters can be applied in Mail Filter option. Provide the destination and then click on Export.

Pros & Cons of PST Converter

• Tool provides conversion in an organized manner. Multiple emails are converted to different email file formats at once which cannot be done manually. The conversion is done with precision.
• Conversion to multiple file formats is offered which makes the software suitable for various users. It performs the conversion which makes it possible to access MS Outlook application emails in other email clients as well like Windows Live Mail.
• This software has an added functionality of technical support as well. If any troubleshooting is required related to the tool, experts are available round the clock for help.
• Many of the other features like; support to corrupted PST file, support to ANSI and Unicode files, support towards all Windows versions, Advance scanning, numerous views for emails, etc.
• There is no provision with the software to make conversion to two file formats in single go. For instance, if users want to convert the contacts to vCard and emails to EML by selecting both of these options. One will have to convert it to vCard first and then again convert to EML by performing all the steps again.
• With very large PST files, the product can become slow. So users having very large PST files can take too much of time for the conversion of PST items to other file formats.

PST Converter is an excellent software application and the overall performance of the application is up to the mark. It is easy for execution and any type of user (technical or non-technical) can perform the conversion very easily. The added facilities of demo version, support service, help section, also makes the software suitable for the need of email conversion. Tool is available in various license versions and thus is a convenient solution for user-level and organization-level of email conversion. I would rate this software as 4.4/5!

As author of Outlook PST Converter, Peter has experience more than 20 years in IT industry and he is now working with an expert data recovery firm. He has quality expertise in the Office products especially in Microsoft Outlook and love to solve users query by providing excellent solutions.