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Special Tips to Make the Betting Strategy More Effective



Online betting has become the favorite past time for many people, however, majority of individuals are serious gamers and want to win big by betting lots of money. It is not an easy process if you are a novice. Experienced gamers have created few tips and tricks that can improve the chances of winning and also make sure that you are duped of hard earned money.

Joining reputed sites:

Prior to joining any site, check whether it is reputed and has valid license to conduct the game. More often than not people start playing on the very first web link they encounter. In such cases, results are undesirable especially if the web link is not a genuine gaming platform but phishing website to steal information of the users.
Conduct extensive research and find the best betting sites that are topping the popularity charts. Join one of the those and transform your fortunes for good.

Shy away from complexities:

Do not get carried away by complex bets as they might tempt you to invest more money. To start with, wager and try to understand the pattern of the winners. Only after a significant amount of time, you may like to take risks.

Catch those attractive bonuses:

The majority of betting sites focus on attracting more and more customers into their fold. As a result, they offer bonuses and promotions to the new members. You can utilize them to place the bets and save money even when they are losing propositions. As a new player, an individual can learn lots of facts about betting and also the dos and don'ts.

Do not go over the top:

Betting can quickly become an indulgence after a period. People continue playing the game until they lose everything. It is a sad state of affairs and should be avoided at all cost. You can control the habit but take it as a game. If you are losing the bet, stop playing to minimize the losses. The whole betting process should be used for entertainment purpose and not as a vehicle to earn money. Prior to playing the game, make sure to formulate the budget and do not exceed even when quite tempted.

Bet on familiar games:

A person should bet on only those games that are familiar as the chances of a win are quite high. You already have known about the strength and the weakness of each team. Therefore, it is easier to predict correctly of their performances.

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10 Advertising Trends that Ruled the Industry in 2017



Advertising Trends

Financial downturn dependably shakes up the advertising business.

Restricted ad spending plans look out the most financially savvy media channels and demand all the more value for their money.

While the Internet has fared superior to anything TV, radio and print, the progressions that are occurring today will change the substance of online advertising until the end of time.

Everybody required with online business needs to comprehend what is going on or they'll be left on the platform after the prepare has left the station.

1. Publishers in Quiet, But Deadly War, With Ad Agencies

Publishers need to pitch their inventory to the most elevated bidder. They need to push their normal ad rates up by offering the nature of their audiences. They need to alter the course of print dollars, digital dimes.

Ad agencies need to demonstrate their incentive to their customers, the enormous advertisers, by paying for ads based on the esteem they convey. This will bring about paying more for some ad space, yet less for a large portion of it.

  • The publishers control access to the audience.
  • The ad agencies control access to the ad spending plans.
  • Who will flicker first?
  • This fight is the background to a large number of alternate Trends.


2. Big Online Publishers Take Ad Sales Inhouse

The major online publishers (MySpace, AOL, TMZ, Time Warner) are bringing ad sales back in-house following frustrating results from the ad networks (, Microsoft Advertising, Adjug, Adconian, and so forth). Ad networks now have the notoriety for going for amount as opposed to quality, and in spite of advanced behavioral investigation instruments, navigate rates have kept on falling underneath 0.1 for each penny.

3. Ad Networks Will Decline

As a greater amount of the enormous publishers dismiss the ad networks the expansive influence will imply that more medium size and small publishers will scrutinize the esteem they are giving. The outcome will be the ad networks will enter a winding of decline.

4. Ads Get Bigger and More Intrusive

Ad networks, which are generally keep running by individuals with traditional advertising backgrounds, are reacting to their declining fortunes by making greater and more intrusive ads. has had a full screen, "over-the-page" ad that covers their homepage for quite a while, yet now even sites like Techcrunch are trialing them. Aside from spam emails, there is no other adverting group that bothers and pesters Internet clients more. Ideally this is a passing Trend, once publishers and advertisers realize that irritating their audience is no real way to build a brand.

5. Advertising Dollars Seep into The Long Tail

Advertisers keep on looking for methods for getting to their objective market through smaller authority websites. The ROI is vastly improved from these sites, yet there is a higher overhead overseeing sales to smaller sites. The business is concocting arrangements however to address this market in a financially savvy way.

6. Aggregation and Optimization

To empower advertisers to achieve smaller sites and to empower smaller publishers to get ad incomes from the greatest advertisers there is a Trend to total ads and sites and after that consequently serve the ads based on a real-time sell off process. This bodes well to advertisers and publishers, yet side-lines delegates like the ad agencies.

The two sorts of organization filling this need are the ad exchanges, as DoubleClick Ad Exchange and AdvertiseSpace and the ad income optimization services, similar to Rubicon Project and PubMatic. The two gatherings are centred around amassing advertisers and publishers and serving the best ad into the best site based on a real-time closeout to build up a reasonable cost.

The Trend of aggregation and optimization will proceed.

7. Ad Agencies Fight Back with Demand Side Platforms

In light of their falling impact, ad agencies are grouping together to make complex ad serving platforms which have turned out to be known as Demand Side Platforms.

The objective of these services is to accurately quantify the arrival on speculation of every ad and afterward pay as needs be. For instance, if an ad on a landing page is clicked and is followed direct to a deal it would have a high esteem. An ad served on a news page that isn't clicked would have a low esteem. While this appears to give a legitimate method to value ads, publishers contend that it commoditises their content, site and audience and wipes out the delicate advantages of brand building.

8. Social Media Advertising

The huge online networking sites are under developing strain to realize their potential by discovering ad serving arrangements which don't outrage their clients while giving great results to advertisers. Experimentation on services like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and MySpace will proceed.

9. Advertising Will Go Mobile on Via Smartphones and Apps

The cell phone companies have attempted to discover a method for contacting their mobile audience with ads. SMS has bombed hopelessly in light of the fact that it is excessively intrusive. Presently the iPhone and Android phones have at long last opened up this new frontier. Smartphones and apps give dozens of approaches to serve ads to mobile clients in ways which give their customers real esteem e.g. location based rebate vouchers. Google's securing of Admob for $750m and Apple's obtaining of Quattro Wireless for $275m, both mobile advertising companies, recommend the mobile ad attack is going to begin vigorously.

 10. Advertisers Go Direct

Enormous brands have realized the capability of the web to empower them to build a relationship coordinate with their customers, or at any rate, do things online which emphatically represent their brand. These associations are putting marketing funds into making apps, Twittering, building web services, and so forth. On the off chance that these exercises are effective, a greater amount of their ad spending plan could be doled out to coordinate online exercises.


These are extremely fascinating times in the online advertising world. There are a ton of turf wars, experimentation, and new services developing. Publishers need to discover a method for increasing ad income, ad agencies need to demonstrate they add esteem and advertisers need to guarantee they are getting increasing ROI on their spend in an ever noisier marketplace.

These are intriguing times with numerous open doors and dangers to all gatherings. The nimble will prosper, the moderate will come up short.

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Risk Management: What It Means for Entrepreneurs and How to Handle It Like a Pro



Risk Manager Strategies

Life is full of risks, which is precisely the reason why we try to keep everything under control. From our finances and running a successful business to the little things such as double-checking if we have turned the stove off, risk is a powerful motivator to stay on the right track. So how does risk management affect organizations?

According to a recent study on project risk management trends, 92% of surveyed CEOs believe that information about risk is vital for long-term success, while only 23% agree that they have comprehensive information about risk regarding the business. Hence, identifying and preventing risks leads to an increase in revenue and allows you to stay on top in the industry.

Defining Risk Management & what entrepreneurs should know about it?

Defining Risk Management

As mentioned before, risk management is the process of identifying analyzing, and taking appropriate actions throughout the every step of working on the project. The goal is recognizing objectives and finding the best solution to maintain the company’s best interests during the duration of projects. When done correctly, proper risk management gives control over future events due to a proactive and well-designed risk management strategy.

Having said that, what is a more important characteristic of good entrepreneurs than their abilities to accurately understand and manage risks? Being a successful entrepreneur means recognizing potential when everyone else overlooks a lucrative opportunity and weighing opportunities to gain the most value.

Of course, not every risky venture turns out prosperous but learning to accept defeat and taking lessons from it is yet another great quality of smart and efficiency-driven entrepreneurs. Sure, the world sometimes views the entrepreneurs as sharks but it is mainly because some of the best in the business see more risks than others which motivate them to achieve more.

The confidence level rises when an entrepreneur is prepared to produce valuable information to clients, respect deadlines and have a backup plan ready just in case. This implies taking control over essentials such as:

  • Balancing the project budget and finding the most cost-effective solution.
  • Minimizing risks of human mistakes.
  • Staying on schedule.
  • Completing projects on time.
  • Identifying market needs.
  • Building good relationships with clients.
  • Leading a team and respecting their needs.
  • Implementing innovations and online software solutions.
  • Staying ahead of the competition.

What are the top Risk Management Strategies most beneficial for Entrepreneurs?

Risk Manager Strategies

To identify the best risk management strategy, one must ask the question – which is the biggest risk for businesses? Not having control over expenses, workforce, and projects are what quickly turns the tables for any company.

Therefore, the best way to track the project and a team is to incorporate online training software. Creating an eLearning course for employees is the most effective strategy entrepreneurs can adopt.

In order to prevent business risks, an online training course provides much-needed flexibility, low costs, and frees up time by preventing human error, increasing retention rates up to 60%. Benefits of considering such a simple technology solution include:

  • Improved training.
  • Lower costs.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Real-time access.
  • Better employee retention.
  • Personalized learning according to individual pace.
  • Organizational knowledge or correct knowledge management.
  • Ongoing access to resources.
  • Employee engagement via encouraged sharing.
  • Timely feedbacks.
  • Convenience and flexibility.

How entrepreneurs should approach Online Course creation process

The eLearning predictions in 2017 and beyond make online courses inevitable tools for business success. However, there is a right and wrong way to approach course creation. Any entrepreneur, especially those new to the game, should have the correct mindset when entering the world of online training development.

These are some of the things which they should keep in mind while creating an online course-

Get to Know Your Environment

The first thing when it comes to creating a successful course is that you need to know the skill set and knowledge of your workforce. In order for the program to be effective, it has to provide a real value to engage and motivate the audience. Evaluate the employees and identify the gaps in knowledge that need to be filled.

Don’t Run From A Bit of Humor

While researching the best material to enhance their learning, don’t avoid implementing catchy phrases and a small dose of humor to grab employee attention. Likewise, this will improve their retention and keep their interest throughout the course, starting from the beginning until completion.

Visual Aids & Navigation

Don’t bore your employees with pages of lengthy and unnecessary text. Support your courses with images, videos, text and audio material. Visual aids are proven to be powerful memory recall tools, so with their use, it will be easier for employees to retain information for a longer duration of time.

Online Courses Should Be Interactive    

Not only do visual aids improve retention, but the course should also be meaningful and stimulating. Implement different scenarios to trigger your employees’ emotions and give them a way to learn even when they think they are relaxing. Stimulate their mind by implementing fun learning games to make a more interactive course design.

Pilot Run the Course and Ask for Feedback 

Once you think you have made something powerful, run a pilot and see how people react to it. Discover if it ultimately meets the employee’s needs and what can be improved for a better experience. Ask for feedback or conduct a survey to check if the course design works as you have intended. And don’t be afraid of changes because if at you don’t succeed, the second time’s the charm.


To sum up, an entrepreneur can manage risks when he/she is ready to embrace technology and maximize its full potential. Did we miss out any key risk management strategy which an entrepreneur should be aware of? Do share your opinion with us in the comments section.

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Limelight Networks Expands Its Content Delivery Network Capacity in India with Three New Points-of-Presence



Tempe, Ariz., United States & New Delhi, Delhi, India

Limelight Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: LLNW), a global leader in digital content delivery, today announced the opening of three new Points-of-Presence (PoPs) in India. Located in Bombay, Chennai and Delhi, the new PoPs continue Limelight’s commitment to build out infrastructure in India to support the country’s rapidly increasing online traffic and bandwidth needs.

“Movies, music and sports are the foundation of digital content for the 1.3 billion people of India. As infrastructure improves, it’s essential to provide the highest quality online experiences to stay competitive,” said Dan Carney, Senior Vice President of Operations at Limelight Networks. “To address this demand, Limelight will bring its full suite of capabilities to the market, and we’ve already expanded capacity more than six fold over the last 12 months. With the government's focus coupled with investments in the private sector, we believe the adoption curve will be steep and growth will be strong. We want to help make dropped connections, download errors, buffering and pixilation a thing of the past.”

Many of the world’s largest media, entertainment, software and gaming companies already use Limelight to deliver their content in India. With this added infrastructure, Limelight can fully support similar, high-quality capabilities for domestic enterprises. The investment is a natural extension of the company’s broader focus on expanding in the Asia Pacific region.

Limelight has increased its capacity more than 650 percent in India over the last year. In May 2017, Limelight delivered 300 percent more traffic in India compared to May of 2016. The new PoPs will allow Limelight to better help more businesses deliver faster online experiences that meet and exceed their customers’ expectations.

Limelight’s Orchestrate Platform is continuously expanding and increasing in capacity to support the exponential growth of online traffic and bandwidth needs. It delivers superior quality of experience over any network connection and breakthrough performance even in emerging regions. The unique combination of global private infrastructure, advanced software, and expert services surpasses other Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to enable today's and tomorrow's workflows and put audience experiences first.

For more information on Limelight’s Content Delivery Network Services, see

About Limelight

Limelight Networks, a global leader in digital content delivery, empowers customers to better engage online audiences by enabling them to securely manage and globally deliver digital content, on any device. The company’s Limelight Orchestrate Platform includes a global infrastructure with a fully-integrated suite of capabilities and services to help you address all your content delivery needs. The Orchestrate Platform solves your most important content delivery challenges so you can deliver the next great digital experience anywhere. For more information, please visit, read our blog, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and be sure to visit Limelight Connect.

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