July 3, 2022

Submit Your Startup

Submit Your Startup

Submit Your Startup

Get featured on TechyWhack.com/startups

Startups are hard. Building a product people really want is probably the first most difficult hurdle to cross when you decide to launch a new business. And one of the most difficult things about launching a startup or product is getting it to the right audience.

That’s why we have launched the “product/startup review” feature to help you show off your new product or service to a targeted audience of over 200K followers.

Product/startup reviews are custom written posts, published and distributed across our social media channels multiple times in the week of publication.

Getting in front of 200,000+ potential customers/users in a single week can change your business.

Key statistics as of February 2017:

Monthly page views: 3,00,000+
Monthly unique visitors: 50,000+
Twitter Followers: 5,000+
Facebook Fans: 50,000+
LinkedIn followers: 5,000+

How to Submit Your Startup

We accept business, Marketing and technology related products and services. We don’t accept all types of startups however.

Getting featured is free and We also offer premium option if you want to get your startup featured within the next 48 hours.

Startup Submission Premium option

1. Priority queue.
2. Review within 48 hours.
3. The post gets featured on our homepage.
4. The review will be shared multiple times with our audience within the week of publication.
5. The post will also be boosted on our Facebook page (10K+ likes) for maximum exposure.

Premium Start Up Submission Fee – $99.00

If you prefer to pay via PayPal, please contact admin@techywhack.com for further details.