January 20, 2022

Tech Really Changes The World!

Technology truly is the spice of life, I can’t believe the way technological advances have improved just in the short period of time I’ve been alive. We can send a letter to anyone in the world, within second, and it doesn’t even cost us a dime for postage. We can video chat with our loved one’s thousands of miles away, and all you need is a computer and webcam. It’s gotten to the point where airplanes can take-off and land themselves, and the world is already talking self-driven automobiles. But let’s get a little more granular for a moment, and stop to think of all the ways technology has improved life for office workers. After all, office jobs have become commonplace, and the way they are structured has evolved a great deal over the past few decades.

As I first mentioned, email has changed the way we communicate with people and the office is no different. We used to find ourselves actually picking up the telephone and calling our colleagues, but with email you avoid long conversations and also have a track record of conversations for future reference.

The advent of the e-signature has streamlined processing of legal documents by leaps and bounds. It used to be that all legal documents required you to put pen to paper, and for all parties to be present at once. Now we can simply email legal documents to and from other countries, affix an electronic signature, and it carries the same weight as any other signed document.

Word processing and spreadsheet applications may be the most groundbreaking innovation of all. A couple of decades ago all business reporting was done on sheets of paper, and written by hand, or perhaps if you were lucky they could be typed via typewriter. Now you simply turn on your computer and click a few buttons and you are able to illustrate monthly trends, graphs, and other useful information.

While computers have been common in the workplace for over twenty years laptops and notebooks have not. They keep getting smaller and more powerful, making them easy to carry with you and the ability to run any needed programs. It’s gotten to the point that many companies are even providing their employees with smartphones and tablets to conduct their business.

Odds are that you were already aware of all of these technologies in the workplace, but you probably never stopped and thought about the difference technology has made within the office the past twenty years or so.