October 15, 2021
Smartphone in daily life

The Impact of Smart Phones in Daily Life

In this society, where everything is moving so fast pace, we want to have access to an advanced services and technology. From these two things the computer along with the Internet has influenced something as complex, yet simple as a smartphone. A smartphone is a gadget which has features of both a computer and a mobile (cell phone). Unlike a normal mobile device a smartphone has a vast amount of both local storage and memory. Smartphones have operating units like computers. Smartphones act as mobile entertainment units where a user can able to watch videos, listen to music, update blogs, as well as audio and video blogging.  Most importantly with the smartphones you can access the web, exactly like the web you would use on the internet.

Smartphone in daily life

Smartphones are now able to provide many different contributions, through out ones household. We are now able to control every single aspect of our household through out phones. Products such as TV’s, washing machines, security systems and security cameras can now be controlled from our phone. It is not new that smartphones are great devices that user-friendly, portable and reliable but it has its negative aspect to it.

How Smartphones affect our Daily Lives

People prefer smartphones mainly due to the advantages they get through media platforms. Smartphones and social media have been key factors in offering. Even though smartphone has many positive effects it also has the negative effect. We are constantly connected and expected to have a mobile phone with us at all the times. Of course, that’s convenient, but being available for 24/7 is tiring, it’s a blessing and a curse.

Positive effects

  • Ability to learn new things
  • Social media in the palm of your hand
  • Useful in Studies and Business
  • Entertainment
  • Work as Boon in Emergencies
  • Beneficial in studies
  • Getting exposed on a global scale
  • Social responsibility and personality development
  • Uses of applications are easy
  • Easier for communication

Negatively effect

  • Causes people to be oblivious to their surroundings
  • Business leaving the workspace
  • Family and social relationships are being oppressed
  • Addiction
  • 70% of people check their smartphones within an hour of waking up.
  • 56% check their phone within an hour of going to sleep.
  • 48% check over the weekend
  • 51% check continuously during vacation

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How smartphone affects our health


However, phone touches many surfaces, all of which may not be clean. Obviously our hands are the important things that touch our phones, and then we put these phones to our face. This can undoubtedly spreads germs. So try to wipe down your phone regularly with sanitizing wipes to cut back on the germs.


Smart phones can reduce your imagination. In order to think creatively you need a little down time to let your mind wander. When you get a free moment you spent checking up on various people via social media, reading news updates, or checking out the most recent posts. That doesn’t leave much of our creative thoughts to flourish.


Some people find themselves so much addicted to their smart phone, that they feel detach from the people in their life.


We all know that texting while driving is a nasty idea. Yet, people do it. Taking our eyes off the road even for a second to read a text or respond can easily cost our life or the life of someone else. Don’t let your smart phone be a distraction to you while driving, it’s not worth it.


Many of us love being able to stay connected through email, text, and calls with our smart phones, it’s that same constant availability that can lead to major stress.


We may sit down for a moment in the morning to check our emails. Our intention is to check emails and then get started with our work or chores for the day. Unfortunately, more times we end up checking emails and then other social sites.


Smartphone are also linked to many sleeping problems. Instead of relaxing your brain, you are feeding it with more thoughts. It’s hard to fall asleep when your brain is buzzing with new information.

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