July 3, 2022
Apple iWatch

The Much Anticipated Apple iWatch

In the last few years apple has become a front-runner when it comes to innovation and launching new and exciting products in the market. People wait for an Apple product to release and on release dates there are long queues to buy apple products at the stores. Currently besides the new versions to the very popular iPhone, the buzz and excitement is for two apple products. One is the iTV, which is apple’s version of a Television set and the other is the iWatch. As the anticipation builds up for the new products to be launched by Apple, rumors that the iWatch is under development were leaked in February of this year. iWatch as the name suggests is a watch that is being developed by Apple.

Apple iWatch

The rumors suggested that the apple iWatch has passed its experiment stage and that around 100 people from Apple Inc. are currently working on the iWatch. This news has generated a lot of buzz among apple fans who are eagerly waiting for new products by Apple.

There are various speculations about the specifications of the Apple iWatch that are being made depending on the rumors about the iWatch. Some of the speculations regarding the rumors are that iWatch is going to run on full version of the iOS rather than a stripped down version of the iPod Nano operating system and it will also have Siri. Another speculation is that willow glass is going to be used to make the touchscreen of the iWatch which is a flexible glass product by Corning Inc. It is rumored that Apple Inc has applied for many patent in reference to the iWatch device. iWatch is going to be a “wearable accessory device” by Apple.

When the mobile phones became popular, people reduced the use of watches as they could just see the time on their mobile screens. However watches are said to be making a comeback of sorts. Health monitors and sensors are adding to the use of watches, as these types of watches are great for people who can use it as a fitness gadget.

It is speculated that iWatch will release before the iTV. Apple’s main sales are its smartphones but they also face a lot of competition in the smartphone industry as android powered smartphones are also becoming very popular. Apple may be hoping that iWatch will generate interest and profits for the company.

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