May 27, 2022
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Top 10 Free Android Apps: It’s Really Amazing

There are some amazing apps that have been developed which are useful and are also fun apps designed to suit the needs of millions of people that are using apps through their smartphones today in India. They are very easy to access, operate and are available through major smartphone operating systems like Android. There are many free apps available on Android which means that they can be downloaded free from Android. The following are examples of some amazing android apps that are suited for the Indian smartphone user and which are very popular in India today.

Indian FM Radio:

FM India Radio   Android Apps on Google PlayThis is a really cool app that provides the best radio stations in India on the smartphone. It includes radio stations of various languages like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Punjabi etc. The app is easy to navigate, users can mark favorite channels and also run the app while using the smartphone for other purposes. It is a free app available on Android.


Truecaller   Caller ID   Block   Android Apps on Google Play Truecaller is a global free android app that gives you caller id of the person that is calling you. It also has a large phone directory with millions of entries and like instant caller id, blocking unwanted calls and many useful features.


hike   Android Apps on Google Play Free messaging is very useful today especially for people who love to text. Hike is a free messaging app on Android. By downloading this app one can send free messages to friends, family and colleagues without paying for the messages. Messages can be sent to people who have downloaded the app as well as people who have not.

Juice Defender:

JuiceDefender   battery saver   Android Apps on Google Play It is a great download free Android app that is easy to use and allows the users to extend the battery life of the Android device for some more time. This is a great app for people who have a heavy use of their Android devices and cannot keep charging their smartphones or tablets.


PicSay   Photo Editor   Android Apps on Google Play Picsay is a fun and cool android app that is free for download on Android. Picsay helps edit your pictures and make fun additions to the picture like image distortion effects, word balloons , special effects, graphics, titles etc.


Flipboard  Your News Magazine   Android Apps on Google Play People like to be in the know of news events happening around them. Flipboard is a free magazine app that gives world news as well as social news of your friends and family. All you have to do is select the topics that interest you and your personalized magazine is created with global news as well as news of posts made by your friends and family on social media.


Gaana   Free Songs   Radio   Android Apps on Google Play Gaana is a great free app on Android which provides free Indian music and Radio. It provides latest as well as classic music of films and music albums. This app provides songs from different Indian Languages and is a popular app in India.

CSR Racing:

CSR Racing   Android Apps on Google Play CSR Racing is a free game available for download on Android. CSR Racing is an app game that lets you race animated high end cars on virtual city streets with other players in a drag race.

Train Alarm:

Train Alarm   Indian Rail   Android Apps on Google Play As the name suggests, Train Alarm is an app that gives alarms and notifications about the train timings and also destination alerts when your chosen destination is arriving. It also gives information and alerts about changes in timetable, delays etc. It is a free download app on Android.


Sparsh Indian Keyboard   Android Apps on Google Play
A really useful app for people who speak different Indian languages. Sparsh is a free android app that converts the information on the touch screen and provides a touchscreen keyboard in different Indian languages for the users.
The above mentioned apps are great apps for the Indian users and moreover are free to download.

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    Good list but it misses many other basic applications like
    1.FIREFOX BROWSER (it provides many cool features like inbuilt video downloader)
    2.MX PLAYER as it provide good video playback and comes with lot more additional feature like gesture control
    And yes how can you forget FACEBOOK app.