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Top 5 Education Apps for Revision Over Christmas



Although it’s probably the last thing on student’s minds, the Christmas break is an essential revision period for students preparing for GCSE resits, module and mock exams in January. The need for quality revision can often make the difference in reaching those higher tier grades and also gives good grounding for the summer exams.
Since the widespread uptake of smartphone technologies and cloud-based computing, students are relying more and more on the web for revision content. The question is however, how can we assure the accuracy, relevance and effectiveness?

There’s no such thing as a free lunch


This may seem a little hasty, don’t get me wrong there are some high quality resources out there on the net that are available for free, the problem is filtering through all of the inaccurate, off-topic and sometimes misleading content.


To help you find quality assured content for GCSE (KS4) we’ve shortlisted our top 5 mobile learning apps that allow students to revise effectively in their own time and at their own pace.


Kerboodle apps

  • Kerboodle : contains hundreds of engaging resources delivered as animated illustrations, quizzes and more. The system itself, once installed, is easy to use and is a useful tool for teachers to set homework assignments. However, installation of the system, setting up user accounts and general set-up administration is time consuming and overly technical.
  • GCSEPod : students get access to over 175 hours of audio learning and revision guides delivered as podcasts. All of which is accessible online and via their smart devices.
  • Collins revision app : combining animated tutorials, the apps are separated by subject topics. Although the Collins app only covers GCSE Maths; content and questions are separated by foundation and higher grading’s.
  • GCSE Bitesize :is a last-minute learning app. The BBC has focused their attention on the key facts and information, using the tool as a revision prompt rather than a source for learning. Bitesize also offer a free exam preparation app that helps learners manage their revision schedules.


Now to our first choice of app for GCSE revision over the Christmas break and beyond…


LearnersCloud - Education apps

  • LearnersCloud : this easy-to-use app offers students hundreds of tutor-led videos to help them learn, revise and test themselves on the go. Each topic clip is delivered as an animated tutorial, led by a fully qualified GCSE teacher. The teacher is surrounded in real-life environments and situations, bringing each subject to life in a new and engaging way. All of the content is quality assured and has been broken down according to examination board so students can tailor their experience to their exam board specification.


If your child or student wants to make better use of their spare time or squeeze in extra study time without lugging heavy textbooks around, thisGCSE revision resource would be an ideal partner that’s available online, on their tablet and on their smartphone device.