Top 5 SmartPhone That’ll Steal Hearts in 2014

Well, you will surely be waiting for the launch of new SmartPhone devices to replace your existing ones. The currently passing year has begot amazing devices right from ultra light iPhone 5 to unique Samsung galaxy S4. Moreover, we have seen the release of waterproof SmartPhone from Sony. So, our appetite for innovation has increased and it wants more innovation in SmartPhones. Thus, our eyes are set on 2013 winters or 2014 autumn for the release of new devices. The launching speculations of some innovative devices are making us crazy and we want to know about them in advance. If you are also thinking the same then you can select your future SmartPhone from the below mentioned SmartPhones.

iPhone 5S

Let’s start our journey to innovation from Apple’s device. As this Cupertino based electronics giant is known for making surprising devices since its inception so this is going to amaze the viewers with its flagship product iPhone 5S. On the basis of past, it can be guessed that the case of iPhone 5S will not change because the ‘S’ series products has been in the same case since the arrival of first ever iPhone. So, the physical case will remain same. On looking at iOS 7 release schedule, we have analyzed that iPhone 5S might have iOS 7 because this version of OS is going to launch in October and device will come later. So, this device will come with iOS 7. In case of display, this version of iPhone will have a Retina+ Sharp IGZO display.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
Are you a shutterbug, who cannot go out without a hanging camera on your neck? If it is so then this device is made for you. It sports an amazing camera facility that turns your SmartPhone into a digital camera or we can say that Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is a camera that lets you make calls and use internet. Due to thick & bulky body, this SmartPhone will not impress everyone except the ones who love using SmartPhones as cameras. The more interesting fact is that you cannot recognize the device from any single side because from one side it will look like a digital camera and from other it will look like a SmartPhone.

HTC Mini M4

HTC Mini M4
You can also call this device as HTC one mini because Engadget has received a leak that this product is similar to ‘HTC One’. However, the praise worthy aluminum body of ‘HTC One’ will remain same. You will be able to afford it because the manufacturer has decreased the price of this device.

Sony Xperia ZU

Sony Xperia ZU
It is a device, which will shake the SmartPhone world for ones and all. It is a Sony’s intermediate-size Phone. There are speculations that this device will sport a 6.4 inch long screen for its users. With 2 GB RAM and 16 GB storage, and 64 GM micro card, it turns out as the beast in SmartPhone world.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Well, this device is going to get bigger than its 5.5-inch predecessor. This device is not going to kill your expectations because it is possibly going to come with 6.3 inches long screen. In this way, the operating system will be android. However, the version is not sure.
So, you can now choose your SmartPhone and be the innovation driver in your peer circle.

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