January 25, 2021
Garden Plan Pro for iphone

Top Apps for Gardening and Flowers Enthusiasts

Technology has beautifully transformed several domains. If you love gardening and flowers, it’s now simple to make the most of your hobby by downloading some intuitive apps on your smartphones or tablets. There are a number of applications that can be used to keep your garden more beautiful this year. Further, if you also like sending flowers to your loved ones on festivals and special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and personal achievements, applications for flower delivery services make your job easier.

Here are a few apps that gardening and flower enthusiasts recommend:

Garden Plan Pro:
Garden Plan Pro for iphoneThis iPad application may seem expensive at $9.99 but is good value for money. With a large plant database and an inbuilt calendar, you can choose your preferred flower/fruit/vegetable, and know the appropriate time to plant it. The app also assists you through information on crop rotation and weather in your area. This makes it valuable for an amateur as also professional gardener.

Garden Compass Plant:

Garden Compass Plant for iphoneA free and universal app, Garden Compass Plant has loads of information that you can use to learn about a variety of plants. For those who are planning to start or give a new look to their garden, it is good to know the species that they will be planting. So if you are not sure about a certain plant, simply take its picture with your smartphone and then Garden Compass tells you its name and ideal growth conditions. The app has more than 1000 pictures and also allows you to share your pics on social media sites.

My Garden Lite:
My Garden Lite for iphone
Want to have personal horticulturist to guide you for best gardening results? My GardenLite is an app that gives you useful reminders on the right time to water your garden and to maintain the look of your yard at its best. You can also save the details about your plants (together with their photographs) to ensure the best of care for your ferns and foliage.

FlowerPedia for iphone
A mini encyclopedia that’s all about flowers – this app is packed with more than 2800 colorful pictures of flowers and beautiful plants. Flower enthusiasts who prefer to maintain handy information about their favorite flora and ferns would love FlowerPedia. You can browse through a vibrant imagery at leisure and also choose from options to search by regions, species and botanical links.

Fleurop Interflora Flower App:
Fleurop Interflora Flower App for iphone
This one is an engaging app for those who may want to purchase flowers and plants or send them as gifts. Compatible with Android and iPhone platforms, Interflora is user friendly app with minimum technical jargon. The flowers have been arranged beautifully and thanks to high resolution images, it is easy to identify between similar looking flowers. It also allows you to add a personal message to be sent with the bouquet.

With a host of clever apps out there, growing, managing and even sending vibrant flowers just got more interesting. Which one would you choose?

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