August 9, 2020

Top Gadget Flops of 2013

Every year many tech companies launch various products and try and reach out to the ever widening consumer electronics market customer base. Some companies and their products do well while others do not. Though 2013 has been a really good year for consumer electronics with innovative product launches and successes, there also have been some flops in the business in 2013. The following are top flops in the world of consumer electronics and gadgets in 2013:

Gadget Flops of 2013:

Gadget flops

Blackberry & Yahoo Mail:

  • 2013 was a bad year for BlackBerry and that is putting it lightly. The once popular smartphone brand lost a lot of market share in 2013 and sales dropped considerably. Today BlackBerry smartphones are out of fashion and so is the BlackBerry OS. In 2013 the company suffered billions of dollar worth of losses and 2013 was an epic fail year for BlackBerry.
  • Yahoo Mail: Yahoo Mail went through a redesign process in 2013. This redesign caused a lot of problems for users including a day long outage for over a million users. This redesign has many problems and users have been complaining about them all over the internet.

Samsung Galaxy Zoom and HTC First:

  • Samsung Galaxy Zoom: The Company decided to take their smartphone experience to the next step by introducing a smart Camera product as a part of the Galaxy series. However it did not have any buyers as it was a heavy and bulky model with features that one already gets from a good camera smartphone.
  • HTC First: This smartphone put social networking through Facebook above the Android OS on the Home Screen. As Facebook updates and notifications started regularly appearing on the Home Screen, the complete Android smartphone experience was diminished and so this model of HTC in 2013 was not very popular.

Chromebook 11, MSI Slidebook S20 and Window RT 8.1

  • Chromebook 11 faced a lot of “heat” from the market in 2013. There was a technical fault that was detected as the Chromebook 11’s power supply was faulty and the chargers were overheating to a very high temperature. There was a recall of the product’s chargers by HP and Google and this product was one of the fails of 2013.
  • MSI Slidebook S20: The MSI Slidebook had many performance issues and the battery life was not great. It was a flop in 2013 and was also priced much higher than what it should have making it unpopular with the buyers.
  • Windows RT 8.1: The Windows RT 8.1 update version was a failure by the company as many users reported a rare bug in their software that corrupted their device’s Boot Configuration Data during installation which also resulted in error during startup.

Ouya & Vinci MV 7 Family Tablet:

  • There was a lot of buzz in the gaming world about the gaming micro console which was powered by Android as it received a lot of startup money via Kickstarter. However when it was launched in the market, it was not liked by the consumers very much as the sales were lower than expected and were “lukewarm” at best.
  • Vinci MV 7 Family Tablet: This tablet computing device was a flop in the market in 2013 as there were many performance issues and the tablet had a very weak battery life.

Verizon 4G LTE:

  • There are certain standards of speed and performance that a 4G network has to deliver when they advertise in that category. However the Verizon 4G network gives the slower speeds of 3G and so became unpopular in 2013.

The above were some of the gadgets that did not fare as well as others in 2013.

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