April 13, 2021
Mobile Phone Insurance

Top Five Reasons to Purchase Phone Insurance

Walk down most streets in America – or the world for that matter – and you’ll likely see folks either carrying or speaking on mobile devices. These days, smartphones are as much an accessory as car keys, and in many respects they are more important. That is because it is possible to store loads of vital personal data on a smartphone. Indeed, many people do just that. It’s for precisely this reason that loss, theft or damage to a smartphone can be so crippling to the average person. And it is at this crossroads of risk that the notion of insurance presents itself.

Mobile Phone Insurance

Many people wrestle with the idea of buying that monthly insurance policy every time they upgrade to a new mobile device. Is it worth it? Does it offer the necessary coverage? Do the benefits outweigh the costs? These are just some of the relevant questions smartphone owners ask themselves. Ultimately, a majority of folks end up purchasing smartphone insurance and, ultimately, this is for the best. Here are just a few reasons why.

Total Replacement

There’s no shame in walking out of a restaurant without that mobile device or accidentally leaving it in a taxi. It happens to many people from time to time. Those who have an insurance policy can count on total phone replacement, which puts them in a far better position than those without it. Not only that, but those with phone insurance can usually count on replacement happening immediately after the loss or theft.

Repair Costs

Smartphones spend a lot of time in pockets comingling with other, harsher items like keys. It’s no wonder, then, that many phones wind up being dinged or scratched along the way. Dropping a phone is also a common occurrence that can lead to major damage. Having insurance, in most cases, will cover the cost of any repairs to the phone. And like replacement, the process is usually an expedited one.

Data Recovery

A more limited benefit to phone insurance is that data recovery, in certain instances, is possible. If a smartphone becomes damaged, for example, insurance will often cover the cost of data-recovery pros working on the device to retrieve the info. Having said that, this obviously wouldn’t be possible for smartphones that are lost or stolen.

Warranty Extension

Some phone policies extend the initial warranty of the phone. For example, purchasing insurance may lengthen a warranty from one year to two, three or even more.

Consider the Kids

Those with children should err on the side of caution and always purchase phone insurance. Anyone with kids will be the first to say that they are easily enthralled with shiny gadgets, as they most resemble toys. And the moment mom or dad leaves that smartphone lying around, it’s open season for the little ones to do as much damage as possible.

In the end, the notion of whether or not to purchase phone insurance should be determined on a case-by-case basis. Those who have a history of loss or damage to their phones are obviously going to want to consider a policy more than those who rarely use their handhelds. Either way, phone insurance offers enough coverage to make purchasing a policy a worthwhile decision.

Sara Wells writes about tech and gadget news, and blogs on behalf of iPhone 5s insurance brand Protect Your Bubble

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