October 15, 2021
Sync Contacts from iPhone

How to Transfer or Sync Contacts from iPhone

Transferring contacts or data between your iPhone and your computer helps to create a backup for important files like your contacts. It also helps you to get organized as you can easily manage your contacts or other information transferred from the iPhone to the computer. The process of transferring the contacts from iPhone via iTunes to your computing device is very easy. Just follow the steps given below and transferring contacts from the iPhone to the computer should be an easy process.

Sync Contacts from iPhone

Steps to Sync Contacts Between iPhone and Computer

  • First step is to connect the USB or Wi-Fi connection between your iPhone and computer and open iTunes on the computer.
  •  Next step is to select your iPhone under the “devices” on the left hand side of the iTunes.  This will connect the iTunes to the iPhone from which you need to sync the contacts.
  • Then Click on the info tab of the device. Then go to Contacts on the info tab. The next step after this is to select “Sync Contacts with” on a Windows computer and “Sync Address Book Contacts “on a Mac.
  • After this step there is a drop down option for “Sync Contacts With” where you have to select what to sync your Contacts with. The users on the computers with windows OS can then sync contacts with versions of Microsoft Outlook, Windows Address Book or any other contacts software on the computer. Mac users also have the option of syncing the contacts with Address Book on Mac OS.
  • There is also the option of selecting only specific groups in your iPhone contacts and syncing them with the computer. There is a box below “Sync Contacts With” where you can enter the selected groups for syncing.  There is also an option where you can select a group of Contacts where all the future contacts from the iPhone will be added.
  • You can also sync your Contacts with yahoo and Gmail accounts by selecting these Accounts during the stage “Sync Contacts with”. If you select this option you will get a Window on the screen where you have to enter your Gmail or Yahoo IDs and passwords which ever you choose to use.

Sync or Transfer contacts from iPhone to Computer are relatively easy and lots of options are provided to the iPhone user.

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