July 3, 2022
Mobile Web technology

Twists and Turns in Mobile Web technology

People often do not understand the difference between the traditional web technologies and mobile web technologies. This is why they fail to make the most out of it. The following article is aimed at helping one to understand the difference between the two and also the format on which mobile web works.

Mobile Web has made life of the common man much easier than it used to be. As more and more people have come to understand the potential of mobile web, the dependency of the people has increased manifold.

Mobile Web technology

It has made everything quite convenient. People enjoy the privileges they could have only once imagined now out of their pocket sized gadgets. But mostly people don’t realize that the way the fundamentals of a mobile web work are far different than that of a traditional web.

People are content with all the service offerings but fail to understand the true strength of mobile web technology that they carry in their hands. This is usually why while designing a mobile website people forget the approach that should be taken. If the traditional website worked in the same way as did mobile website, then developing a mobile website in the same fashion would have been a great idea. But since it isn’t one must identify and understand the primary points of differences and then act accordingly.


Although while using them both one may not find any difference between the traditional web browsing and mobile web, however, in actuality, there many differences.

Status and Nature: The traditional web infrastructure is largely seen as an inactive or “passive” model. However, the mobile web is completely “dynamic”. The whole idea of a mobile application is to be able to give the users a more or less “real time” experience. This is why they must be formed in a way that can interact with the users in a dynamic pattern, behaving in sync with whatever is around.

Though they are seen with a common infrastructure, the mobile format is certainly not a traditional web. They differ in a couple of ways to the traditional world of web. The traditional forms of web are considered to be an inactive model, whereas the mobile web is called as dynamic in nature. These things are therefore quite important while designing a web model for the users so that it can be utilized in the best possible way.

Framework: The designed framework for mobile web must essentially be such that it can get along with “action” centered features that are mobilized right from the beginning and with a single direction of digital database, to deliver a great background. A mobile in itself has many features that can be (must be) used in order to deliver a great user experience, including location recognition, personalization, voice capability, time-sensitivity, social connectivity and integrated camera functionality. Obviously, you don’t get the luxury of using these features with a traditional desktop.


The first and foremost notion of a basic mobile web application is to have a static main page which further carries tabs and links to move on to other pages. This central page will bear the company logo, or the image of the product that you want to stick into the people’s minds along with description page links.

Now, in the case of a mobile web, this website will be “sensitive” to your location and thereby give you information pertaining only to that. Mobility allows you to be able to access these applications from anywhere across the globe and your location is tracked by the device and it redirects you to a page that suits your requirement based on the location.

This also implies it is very easy and important to integrate social media with these applications. Social media can be accessed by the touch of a button. The moment you access social media platforms through these, you are able to connect to a huge community of like-minded people with similar interests and concerns. This gives a whole new strength to the idea of mobile websites.


Mobile web design is a new face of the technological advancements that are being made by the people. One has to understand that having technology is not enough. Using technology to get the right benefits is the only way to succeed. Many business owners have come to understand the full potential of Mobile web and are delving into it wholeheartedly. Make the most of the resources available and be prepared for the future.

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