October 15, 2021
Virtualising Your Desktop

How Virtualising Your Desktop Can Benefit Your Business

In this age of rapidly changing technology it can often be difficult for some businesses to stay on top and keep track of all the changes that are being made. Deploying desktop computers is not always an easy task and with new patches being released every week, for operating systems alone, sometimes keeping up with the abundant software updates can be daunting. As well as this there is the full-time job of having PCs ready for new employees which may take hours to set up, and troubleshooting any issues that arise.

The answer to this problem is virtualising your desktop. This means that you can provide the computing needs for your employees whilst being able to keep costs down and work within your company to a minimum; but what of the other benefits of virtualising your desktop?

Virtualising Your Desktop

Increase the Security of Your Desktop

Some of your employees may work remotely from home or other offices and being able to coordinate devices and documents may be a costly and difficult task. Virtualised desktops will allow your employees to access many applications through a secure connection from any device including laptops, tablets and mobiles without having to open your company up to security risks that may damage your business.

Reduce Your Costs

If you take into consideration setting up new PCs, buying software licensing, the time it takes to update any software or applications and the staff that you need that are able to carry out all of these tasks then you will see that working with the virtual desktop will reduce your need for almost all of these requirements which will ultimately reduce your costs. Desktop virtualisation means that you will have access to all of your applications, files and documents without having to put in the time and effort that is required for the upkeep of all of your PCs; so what better reason to make the switch now?

Simplify Your Maintenance

Desktop maintenance is incredibly simple on a virtualised desktop. Once an employee logs off their computer at the end of the day their desktop can be reset and any software customisations that are required can be added to their computer during downtime. This means that not only can this reduce the need for downtime during an employee’s day, it also can provide an easy way to troubleshoot any problems and provide a more productive and effective workforce.

Add Extra Flexibility

Flexibility is key to a successful business. Employees need to be flexible in their working patterns and employers need to be flexible in the way they run their business and their IT systems. Virtualised desktops can be set up extremely quickly which means it is easier for companies to manage their desktops through the use of a single interface which eliminates the need to make changes to individual desktops saving time and increasing flexibility.

Provide Your Business With Secure Mobile Access

Security is vitally important within businesses and with the risk of employees downloading potentially risky software it is important to keep on top of this security. Virtualising your desktop allows an administrator to set specific permissions which can prevent any documents carrying viruses such as Trojan horses from settling in your system. As well as providing peace of mind this also reduces any costs that you may incur from fixing security issues.

Many companies are now moving to cloud computing and benefiting from the savings, flexibility and security that it can provide. So are you ready to do the same?

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