April 13, 2021
samsung-galaxy-S4 -smartphone

Wait for Samsung Galaxy S4 !

After the successful launch of Samsung galaxy s3, the renowned brand Samsung is now ready to hit the market again with its new gadget, Samsung Galaxy S4. There is good news for Samsung lovers as the upcoming phone is accepted to come with added features than its predecessor S3. It is suggested that the company has planned to bring Galaxy S4 in the same queue as its Note series including features such as the S Pen and a lot more. The S4 is the new member in family of Galaxy S phones by Samsung. The passionately anticipated phone is flooded the phone market with its gossip. Here are some of them:


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is rumoured to arrive in February 2013.


Nothing much is confirmed about the launch of Samsung galaxy s4, but the market is already crammed with buzz as regards its expected specifications and features.


Samsung galaxy s4 is expected to feature a 5 inch display. With a huge display, it becomes the world’s largest Smartphone. Beside this, Samsung galaxy s4 may have a 3 GB Ram.


The device was also rumoured to include a beefed up 13 megapixel camera as against the standard 8 mega pixels found in most of the Smartphone’s. This gives it a better picture quality. This is assumed as massive advance from its predecessors S2 and S3.

samsung-galaxy-S4 -smartphone

Besides having 64 GB internal memory, it will boast 128 GB internal memory. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be the second phone after apple iPhone 4s and 5 to contain 128 GB of internal memory. However, its price might increase due to the presence of the internal memory of 128 GB.


Having an 8 Core Processor in a phone is something very hard to trust, but so far as the rumours are concerned, the S4 is expected to feature an 8 core processor. Beside the technical specification, it is supposed that Samsung galaxy s4 will be extremely thin and lightest with up-to-the-minute android operating system powering the device.


Rumours or Reality?


Of course, no clear cut information has been provided from Samsung regarding the specifications of Samsung galaxy S4. Well, all have to wait till next year, to have certain affirmation over its launch! However, on the basis of rumours, the S4 is going to emerge next year in April, 2013 which is considered as the release date for the phone.


It is also whispered that the company may disclose the phone in CES 2013 January. Regardless of what it may be, the rumours very clearly reveal that the S4 is going to be something to seek. It is also predicted that it may beat its ancestor in terms of sales. This Phone is going to be one of the most accepted phones of 2013 and probably one of the best. Samsung Phones have made a mark when it comes to offering clarity of screens, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to feature something extraordinary.


Everyone in the market is eager to know about the gadget.


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