April 7, 2020
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Ways to Create a Copy of your MacBook Pro Efficiently

Creating copy of your hard drive could be the best way to secure your data from any corruption or loss. There are ways, how you can do this. If you are using MacBook, then you must have some inbuilt features in it that can help you to create a copy of your hard drive efficiently. Though, there can be several ways to create copy of your MacBook pro data, but most popular ones are only two, first is using Time Machine, and the second one is using Disk utility.

Time Machine: This tool is used to take automatic backup of your complete system as well as important files to a new hard drive or network volume in OS X system. This tool also has a feature to restore the system, however, which is not bootable. Time Machine is available only the most recent versions of Mac so you cannot use it with all the version of Mac. Time machine has an automatic nature for backup and this is the best advantage of it.

Mackbook pro

If you do not know how to take backup of the data, simply connect a blank external drive to your system, which has larger space than original hard disk. Time Machine will automatically detect it and a popup will ask you to make a copy of it; allow and it will take copy of everything in the new hard drive. Remember that before copy Time Machine always format the hard drive first, so connect an empty hard drive, otherwise you lost the hard drive data. It is very user friendly and simple, for those users who do not know anything about backup, Time Machine is the best tool.

Disk Utility: This tool is to make a Mac drive clone of your entire disk data and preserve all the unique attributes same of your system. This type of backup is used for hardware protection in a higher level, and good for offsite storage.

Here are the steps to make a copy of your MacBook pro data with disk utility:

  • Connect an external formatted hard drive of larger space. Restart the system and hold C key
  • Go to Utilities folder and select Disk Utility
  • Select the source disk for which you want to take backup from the left pane
  • Click ‘Verify disk’, it is for checking the issues in hard disk. If you found any issue then click ‘Repair disk’
  • Now select the ‘New Image‘ option and change the name of your disk. You can also encrypt your image for more security by clicking ‘Encryption‘ popup menu, and select the encryption type
  • Choose a location to save the data on your external hard disk, click ‘Save
  • Now the Imaging process will begin, the time consumes by the process is dependent upon the drive data
  • When the process is completed, choose newly created disk image and then go to Image > Scan Image for Restore, from the menu bar. The scan will be competed soon
  • For Quitting Disk Utility, press Command-Q and again press Command-Q to exit the Mac. You system will restart

Difference between Time Machine Backup and Disk Utility Backup:

  • With Time Machine it is very difficult to check the restore functions, however, with cloning you can check it in few seconds. You just have to stop the cloning process and check if there is a problem.
  • Time Machine is better when you need backup for frequent updates, however, bootable clones are good for advanced options such as data protection
  • If your hard drive crashed, you cannot restore your system again with Time Machine, however, a bootable clone will allow you to restore complete data with all important settings
  • With Malware Time Machine drives get connected more often, so it your data can be infected, however, usually clones connects less often so your data will be safer
  • Clones are accessible with any OS, however, Time Machine is available in only on some latest versions of Mac.

These are usually the backup techniques and every technique has its own importance, depending upon the requirement of the user. Moreover, cloning is safer and easy way to take a copy of your Mac drive. Disk Utility is very convenient way to create a clone but there are also some other third party tolls available that are more efficient to do cloning. If you are not comfortable with Disk Utility tool or want to try some more fast and efficient techniques to make a copy of your MacBook Pro you can use these software also.

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