January 20, 2022
iOS 7

What to Look Forward To In the New iOS 7

After the success of its older devices and software, Apple has launched the details of the most-awaited iOS 7. Expected to be publicly launched this fall, iOS 7 has the attention of everyone around the world, be it the Apple users or otherwise, and if we go by what its team has to say then there is a good reason for Apple users to be excited. iOS 7 plans to take the Apple software to a completely new level and even the basic core apps have been revamped to improve efficiency and design. This new release comes as a happy surprise to the designers and developers also as everyone is taking a dip into the new designs and methods they can use to build apps which iOS 7 beta would allow and launch an array of interesting apps for the Apple users. Thus, before it is launched publicly it is a good idea to get the hang of what the new software has in store and mentioned below are the things you as a user can look forward to.

iOS 7

Highly Improved Design

This was one of the most expected changes but we did not know that the intensity of the change will be this good. Some of the experts had also feared that if there are huge changes made to the design it might go flat but contrary to this, the new design clearly seems much simpler and easy to use. The skeuomorphic design has finally exited leaving a number of people happy, and a few sad, mainly those who were satisfied and were happy with what they saw in their phones. However, this whole change is expected to bring approval in general as the core apps which include the camera, calendar or the notes app have been revamped and redesigned towards betterment. Also, the interface includes lots of white space and bright colours which will give your iPhone a completely new feel.

Time-saving Control Centre

Now the fast will get faster as iOS 7 is bringing to you a set of changes, which will make your life easier and convenient. Apple is known to be highly user-friendly and now things will get better with a control centre available just as you swipe up from the bottom. This change has been brought considering the amount of time which is wasted in battling with the settings menu whenever there is a need to do something very basic like switching on the wifi. The changes now will be a menu which will contain tabs for wifi, airplane mode, Bluetooth options and others which will save a few precious seconds.


Increased Safety

Our iPhone is close to our heart and yes it’s expensive too, which is why you hate the idea of losing it. The iOS7 team understands this, which is why they have increased the security and theft-proof nature. Now if your phone is stolen, the thief cannot reactivate it without acquiring your Apple ID and password. Earlier it caused problems as the thieves would just switch off the Find My Phone app and reactivate the phone to sell it.

New Useful Core Apps

There are a number of new features and apps in this software, the most exciting ones being the iRadio, the new inbuilt flashlight which means now you do not have to waste time on silly apps and a camera packed with loads of good features. The camera will now have a completely new interface and it will be more like having an inbuilt Instagram, and AirDrop, a new app which can be used to send pictures to your friends through wireless means. Also, now the background wallpaper which earlier remained hidden by your app icons will be able to be seen now as the apps are now going to be transparent and lighter in colour. Another feature which people would love is the back button, more appropriately- back swipe. Now you will be able to just swipe in from the left side of the screen and go to the previous screen, which will again make things very convenient. These added features are definitely creating a buzz among the Apple users.

These features are a few of the many which will give you more reasons to stay in love with your iPhone. All you have to do now is wait for it to come out publicly and then use the benefits yourself.

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